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RUSH: Would you believe it if I told you there was politics on ESPN yesterday? I would believe it, too, if I told it to myself, even though when I was there it was taboo. This is yesterday on Pardon the Interruption. The co-hosts, Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, were talking to Mike Ditka, the former coach of Da Bears and also the New Orleans Saints. Wilbon said, “You toyed with running for the Senate against Barack Obama a few years ago. He’s running for president now and has been very clear about picking the Bears. Does that seem risky for you for him to go out…? I don’t think he go out on a limb but he went out, came right out publicly and picked the Bears.”
DITKA: You don’t want to get me in politics now do you? I met a guy on the street corner the other day; he’s going to file to run for president, too. Anybody can take a shot at it. I got nothing against Obama. My goodness, nobody would know who he was if I would have ran.
RUSH: Nobody would have known who Obama is if Ditka would have run for the Senate. Next question from Kornheiser: “Well, you should declare right now for something. You want to declare for any office right now?”
DITKA: I declare for the United States of America. I’m an American and I’m proud. I don’t want to hear all this old jumbo mumbo, “We’re a bad country. We got this wrong, that wrong.” I love the country, period! The good overweighs the bad by far, and if people don’t understand that, they should get the heck out.
RUSH: Mike Ditka on Pardon the Interruption yesterday from Chicago. (Laughing.) You can always count on Ditka. What he’s talking about, the first question about Obama picking the Bears, here’s Obama running for the presidency and you’ve got the New Orleans Saints — which are “the United States Saints.” They’re out of New Orleans, and of course Katrina is a political tool in the Democrat Party, and Obama didn’t just go homer on us and pick his own team, the Bears, he dissed New Orleans and the Saints! He said, “They don’t have a prayer. Their fantasy comes to an end.” I maintain this is dividing the country. Here’s a guy who patently portrays himself as a uniter, and he was dividing — and using the poor people of New Orleans! Their whole sense of self-esteem resolves around the Saints, and here’s Obama, the great, compassionate, understanding, “godlike to the godless,” just telling the godless in New Orleans he ain’t going to be their godlike figure.

Speaking of Obama, this is interesting. The AP has started a miniature anal exam of Obama. “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may have a lot of explaining to do. He voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive.” May I read that to you again? “He voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive.” Can you picture this? Some doctor attempts to abort the fetus, it lives. Obama does not want the surviving aborted fetus, attempted aborted fetus, to get any medical care! It must die, even if it survives the abortion! Wait ’til the Clintons get hold of this one. “He also supported allowing retired police officers to carry concealed weapons but opposed allowing people to use banned handguns to defend against intruders in their homes,” and the list of sensitive topics goes on. “With only a slim two-year record in the US Senate, Obama doesn’t have many controversial congressional votes which political opponents can frame into attack ads, but his eight years as an Illinois state senator are sprinkled with potentially explosive land mines, such as his abortion and gun control votes.”
Well, maybe we’re talking about primaries here, but I’m telling you: this guy is a full-fledged, card-carrying down-the-wall liberal. You know what his biggest problem may end up being? I don’t know, but it may be. This guy is a huge smoker. Did you know that? Well, of course he keeps it out of the public, but he still smokes. From what I understand, he smokes a lot. I’ve got two sound bites. Grab sound bites 13 and 14. I keep telling the broadcast engineer we’re going back to sound bites four, five, seven. I haven’t gotten there since the first hour. Up first is the Manhattan Institute’s John McWhorter. This is on Fox News Channel, the Big Story with John Gibson yesterday, and also Young Democrats of America Malia Lazu. Now, Gibson says, “Obama’s dirty little secret is he’s a cigarette smoker. The question is: Would you vote for a smoker as president? John, is that kind of an impediment for him?”
McWHORTER: Obama is seen as so very, very cool. I think a lot of people find him sexy, and I think even in today’s America, there’s a sense that there’s something vaguely sexy about cigarettes. You’ve got fire in your hand.
RUSH: (Groans.) Now, I love John McWhorter, and John McWhorter is brilliant, but where’s he been? Is anybody portraying cigarette smoking as sexy? Well, Hollywood does. I’m going to infuriate some of you people, but it looks cool! People who know how to smoke cigarettes look cool. Why do you think Hollywood does it? They’re freaking out in there on the other side of the glass. Dawn’s face is turning four shades of red. I’m not talking about it IS cool; I’m saying it can be made to LOOK cool. Why do you think Hollywood does it? Why do you think movies show it? Why do you think kids end up trying it? It looks cool. They make it look cool. It’s one of the big seductive problems with it, and this guy is effectively saying it here. He’s saying, “There’s something vaguely sexy about cigarettes. You’ve got fire in your hand,” and now what he’s saying is Obama can make smoking sexy! What if Obama is seen smoking in public and it is said — because nobody wants to criticize him because he’s above criticism, because he’s a godlike figure to the godless, and you don’t criticize gods, or godlike figures? What if the whole anti-smoking bunch has to come out because they’re a bunch of libs, too, has to find a way to justice Obama’s coolness? (whispering) Because he’s got fire! If he’s got fire in his hands, what has he got in his pants? You hear all of these things. Here is Malia Lazu, and Gibson says, “What do you think about Obama’s secret?”
LAZU: I think Americans will be happy that his vice doesn’t lead him to pages or to choking his mistress. I mean, all humans have vice, and he has one, but what Americans want is they want a change and they want that hope that Obama sparks in people.
RUSH: So smoking, we have been told, is hideous; it is deathly. It kills. We’ve got Nazi-like smoke laws in New York City. You can’t smoke and they’re trying to get smoking driven out of people’s homes in various parts of the country — and yet when it’s revealed that the godlike Obama — godlike to the godless, Barack Obama — smokes? Why, it’s a just a vice, and, why, everybody has these vices! And of course Americans will be happy! (Laughing.) The way these people think! “Americans will be happy that his vice doesn’t lead him to pages or to choking his mistress.” I can just see this now. The American people — you know who you are, you’re All-American people — when you learn that Obama smokes, is your first reaction, “Gosh, I’m so glad he doesn’t mess around with the pages!” Would you be happy — and who, by the way, chokes their mistress? I can’t place it. (interruption). Ohhhhhh, the guy the beat for the Senate? No, no. No, no. That would be Alan Keyes! Alan Keyes didn’t choke anybody but himself. Yeah, and you can’t make that look cool. You can make smoking look cool, but you can’t make choking your mistress look cool. Obama could, but nobody else.

RUSH: Okay, time for a correction. It was not Barack Obama’s opponent who choked his mistress. What happened in that case, Obama’s opponent in Illinois that dropped out wanted his wife to engage in kinkiness — sex clubs, having his wife perform while he watched. The guy’s name was Ryan. It was the guy who lost in Pennsylvania, Don Sherwood, who was accused of choking. Well, he admitted it. He choked his mistress. It’s not that a mistress wasn’t choked. We just chalked it up to the wrong guy. Now, ladies and gentlemen — Hillary, those of you in the Clinton camp — you had better get your act together. Listen to this. This is the latest from AP. “Just because New York’s former state comptroller is backing Hillary doesn’t mean that Barack Obama can’t call. Carl McCall said that Obama is trying to make inroads on Clinton’s home turf, and he was among the Democrats to hear from Obama.” Carl McCall ran for governor in 2002 but the DNC sold him out. “He was the state’s first black candidate for governor from a major political party,” but the DNC sold him out. We raised more money for him than the DNC gave him.
“While McCall said that he was sticking with Clinton,” (laughing) of course he will, “‘The Obama thing is interesting, maybe even exciting. I think will appeal to a lot of people.’ McCall said he planned to meet with Obama, has been reaching out, coming to New York soon, wants to meet with some people.” This is twice he’s moving in now on Hillary’s turf! This is (laughing) fascinating to watch

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