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RUSH: (story) ?A Las Vegas doctor has been implanting stem cells harvested from placentas into patients with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and other diseases in violation of federal law, according to a warning letter released by health officials Thursday. Dr. Alfred Sapse failed to properly obtain, store, test and process the placentas, as well as screen both the suitability of the donors and the patients given the human tissue, according to the Food and Drug Administration letter. At least 16 patients received the stem cells, the FDA said. ? Oversight of implants of stem cells and other types of tissue is important to avoid infecting patients with viruses or bacteria. Furthermore, Sapse didn’t allow an FDA investigator to see and copy records on his implant patients during a July 6, 2006, agency inspection of his firm, Stem Cell Pharma Inc.?
You know, this is just tip of the iceberg, folks. This is going to get really out of control. You’re going to have more rogue doctors doing this, and it’s going to further mess this whole thing up, and I’m going to tell you precisely why it’s happening. It’s because Democrats like Claire McCaskill and others, the whole House Democrat caucus, their silly little embryonic stem cell business and so forth, John Edwards promising that Christopher Reeve will walk if Democrats are elected, if John Kerry is elected, and of course we can’t leave Mr. Michael J. Fox out. They’re creating this false hope that embryonic stem cells are a miracle cure if we would only get going on it. The only reason we’re not getting going on it is because Republicans don’t want you cured; Republicans want people to die; Republicans want people to stay sick; Republicans will criminalize people who do research.
Well, this is what you get when you start creating these false hopes and when you start creating these demands from people for their diseases to be cured because, you know, politicians, average people carry a lot of authority and weight, and so do celebrities. If they’re out there promising, ?If only these people get in charge, why, miracles will happen,? this is just tip of the iceberg and it?s going to get totally out of control. You’re going to have a bunch of Frankensteins out there. You couple this with the designer babies that are being conceived now or trying to be conceived, the ethics in genetics is already a problem. Mark any words, this Las Vegas doctor is just the tip of the iceberg on this.

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