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RUSH: Baltimore, and Nick. Welcome, sir. Glad you waited welcome to the show.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak to you.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: You know, I?ve learned more history from you and Bob Grant than my history teachers here at school. I mean, I was pretty much told that Israel is a state sponsor of terror and that they train Muslims. I mean —
RUSH: (Laughing.)
CALLER: That Menachem Begin was the originator of Islamic terrorism.
RUSH: Well, I’ve heard that Menachem Begin was a terrorist. I mean I’ve heard that line of thought, that accusation, but not of Islamic terrorists. Is your guy trying to say the Islamists learned that from Menachem Begin?
CALLER: Yes. I mean, he was pretty much saying that — the teacher, that is, he was pretty much saying that Menachem Begin originated it and they’re just following his script.
RUSH: Your professor is saying this?
CALLER: Yeah, and it’s in such a way that —
RUSH: Are you in college or high school?
CALLER: I’m in college.
RUSH: You’re a freshman in college?
RUSH: Oh, man. What university?

CALLER: I go to the — well, I’m in Baltimore. I go to a private college.
RUSH: Ah. A private college. That’s absurd.
CALLER: I know. And, you know, it’s all like what you’ve been talking about, about the definition of terms. I mean they define the terms in such a way that you can’t respond to them, and, you know, I was just wondering if you had any kind of rebuttal that I could give to this guy. I mean kind of like —
RUSH: You know, here’s the thing. Tell him this. You know, what’s his first name? Well, don’t do that. Just say, ?Mr. Professor, I can understand if you want to try to tell us your version of terrorism, and you want to tell us that the Israelis and Menachem Begin actually taught these people how to do it, even so, why does that excuse them for doing it? You are excusing their behavior on the basis that they’re not responsible for it because they learned it somewhere else?? That’s absurd. I’m just trying to give you a question you can throw back at him that’s got some logic in it to force him to defend what apparently is his tolerance for Islamic terrorism.
CALLER: Yes. I mean and, you know, he obviously doesn’t like Israel. He says it’s an illegal state, and it shouldn’t exist.
RUSH: Well, man, you’re fighting a losing battle with this guy. You’re dealing with an anti-Semite, for one thing, and he’s got the power, because he’s the professor in the classroom. For crying out loud, and is this a history class, did you say?
CALLER: Yeah, History 101.
RUSH: 101.
CALLER: Of western civilization.
RUSH: This is absurd. Tell him to go read the Koran. Tell him to go take a look at some of the ties that militant Islamists, the grand mufti of Jerusalem had with Hitler back in World War II. The idea that there was no Islamic terrorism prior to Menachem Begin, is this what he’s saying?
CALLER: Yes. That’s what he’s saying.
RUSH: All right, then here’s another thing you can say, because everything is blamed on the Jews. You can say this is a country that is nine miles wide, not very long. Are you trying to tell us, professor, that a nation of six million or four million Jews is responsible for the woeful economic circumstances of the 500 million plus Arab population that surrounds this country? Are you telling us that the terrorism that’s occurring by militant Islamists in the Philippines and in Singapore is because of Israel?
CALLER: No. Well, when it comes to other places around the world, and this is supposed to be history, he pretty much blames America and says that we insight this all over the world by our actions.
RUSH: Of course. America is responsible for Israel because we support Israel. Why, if we didn’t support Israel, there wouldn’t be any terrorism, and the terrorists would love us, and the Arabs would love us, if we didn’t support Israel.

CALLER: It’s like the script you?re always talking about that the Drive-By Media subscribes to, you know, every liberal —
RUSH: This is beyond that. What you’re describing is somebody who is absolutely uneducated and is living off of bigotry and bias and obviously hatred. There’s no knowledge backing this up, and he’s trying to indoctrinate you with this. I’m glad you’re resisting it.
CALLER: I’m glad you’re on the air down here that I can hear you. Because you’re a sense of truth —
RUSH: Well, you’re one of many thankful Americans, and I’m glad you’re out there as well, but what is your instinct here? To just let this guy preach to you, you know it’s a bunch of BS, go in one ear and out the other, take the test and get out of there, or is it to challenge the guy?
CALLER: Well, my first inclination is to challenge the guy, because I don’t agree with anything the guy stands for or what he’s talking about, but on the other hand I also realize that he controls my grade.
RUSH: Right.
CALLER: And if I, you know, push the wrong button, he may, you know, penalize me.
RUSH: All right, now, my advice — I get this question a lot. My advice is, stand up for what you believe in. You’re a freshman in college. I can already tell by talking to you you’re educated, you’re articulate, you’re able to express your opinion, and you’re only going to get better at it when talking to people with whom you disagree. Don’t shy away from it. Just don’t make it personal with the guy. Your grade shouldn’t be subject to things — make it appear like you’re trying to learn. He’s got a point of view, you have yours, he’s the teacher. You can always maintain that respect for his authority, his position, but it doesn’t mean you have to cave on your beliefs. You’ll be far better off standing up for yourself and learning to express what you think and then come up with even more affirmations for your belief the more you are challenged on them, particularly in this kind of scenario. Are you the only guy in class that feels this way, or you got some compatriots in there?
CALLER: I do, but they’re not as vocal as I am about it.
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: Unfortunately.
RUSH: Well, doesn’t matter about that, I just wanted to know how outnumbered you are in here because that could be somewhat intimidating, too.
CALLER: Since it’s a 100 level course it’s required, so a lot of people just don’t even care.
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: They just — and that’s what scares me, that people are actually believing what he’s saying.

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