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RUSH: Another See, I Told You So. You know, folks, I’m right so often it’s not as big a thrill as it used to be but there are still those exceptions. Headline, New York Times: ?Mexico City, Cost of Corn Soars, Forcing Mexico to Set Price Limits.? (Laughing.) ?Facing public outrage over the soaring price of tortillas, President Felipe Calder?n abandoned his free-trade principles on Thursday and forced producers to sign an agreement fixing prices for corn products. Skyrocketing prices for corn on the world market have pushed up the price of the humble tortilla, the mainstay of the Mexican diet, by nearly a third in the past three weeks, to 35 cents a pound in Mexico City and even higher in other parts of the country. Half of the country?s 107 million people live on $4 a day or less, and many of them survive largely on tortillas and beans. ? Even members of Mr. Calder?n?s own conservative party in Congress called on him this week to do something quickly.? Investigate big corn.
Well, this is ethanol, folks, exactly as I predicted, there would be riots in the southern hemisphere over the rising price of corn, and lo and behold? it was just two weeks ago I said this! Of course, the liberals, the left who want these alternative fuels because we’re destroying the planet, we’re robbing the world of its precious resources because of our selfishness, we are stealing the resources of the rest of the world, and you know what we’re doing, we’re using it for our own selfish reasons and destroying the planet. Now look what we’re doing? The do-gooders, the militant environmentalist movement demanded — and there are some others, too — demanding cleaner fuels, pushing this ethanol business which is causing the price of corn, which is a staple in many poor countries, to become unaffordable. That’s equivalent to bread becoming unaffordable here. Of course they should just shut up, don’t they know we are helping save the planet from global warming?

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