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RUSH: Let’s see. You’ve heard about the no-spank bill in California? You heard about this? Yeah, it could be a crime to spank your kids ever. Yeah. Schwarzenegger supports it. Well, he’s open to the idea. By the way, have you heard what Schwarzenegger is saying about his plan to raise taxes in California to pay for all this stuff, the health care, he’s calling it a “loan”. He’s trying to avoid the same pitfall that happened to Bush 41 when he reneged on his “no new taxes” pledge. He’s calling it a loan. Now, I have to think, nobody on his staff would dare advise him of this, so this has to be his idea.
To call a tax increase a loan, as though it’s going to get paid back? To whom and by whom? Something’s happened to Arnold, folks. I don’t know what it is, but something has happened. I mean, go back and listen to this guy in 2005 talking about tax cuts and responsible government and so forth. Snerdley is shouting, “Maria, Maria!” I’m not going to play that role. I’m not going to sit here and assume that the stereotype here of the liberal wife dominating ? (interruption) because this guy’s — (interruption) well, because — (interruption) why now? Why now? He’s had all these years to lose control, to lose the power struggle of the ideology of the household, maybe because he’s governor, the pressure is being ratcheted up — I don’t know. But something’s happened. To call a tax increase a loan, and now say you’re open to the idea of a ban on spanking? Do you realize how many times my dad would have gone to jail if I lived in California? My mother, too. Under four years old. Yeah, under ? (interruption) oh, wait a minute. Dawn piped in here. Are you trending toward agreeing with this? What?s the fine? What is the penalty for parents who break this law if it happens? Well, stand by, and I will tell you.

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