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RUSH: The Breck Girl, last night on CNN with Anderson Cooper, “the Paris Hilton of news,” Cooper said, “You started off your presidential campaign just a few months ago in New Orleans. Were you surprised that this president did not mention New Orleans or the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast?”
EDWARDS: Really surprised, Anderson, when he was identifying a whole, uh, group of American heroes who were in the gallery. I sort of got this sense inside of what Americans I think want, which is a sense of decency and goodness in their people, in their president, and I thought back to a year ago where the president said, “We’re committed to New Orleans. We won’t desert you. We’ll stay with you until the problems are solved,” and — and they’re not, and I was — I was very surprised to hear the president not focus on that tonight.
RUSH: Yeah, so the global warming, environmentalist wacko crowd was also let down. They were expecting a big mea culpa from Bush, and they didn’t get what they wanted. Edwards is just trying to focus attention on where he announced his campaign. He announced in New Orleans, and Kathleen Blanco, the governor of Louisiana, is also claiming that Bush doesn’t care anymore. He never did care. He didn’t mention us in the State of the Union last night! What is there, $600 million for New Orleans that’s just sitting around Washington, hasn’t been claimed yet by the mayor, School Bus Nagin? $600 million? What’s your source for that? Where did you read this? Is it an AP story or something? It’s $600 million, and they haven’t even claimed it yet, School Bus Nagin hasn’t. You know, the real question is, is it still there? Because William Jefferson, congressman (Democrat-Louisiana) is still on the loose. A portion of it might be in his freezer.

Edwards, by the way, reacted to President Bush’s health care proposals by saying that the president’s proposal “offers much more help to a family making $300,000 than to one making $30,000. The time for patching up our health care system has ended. We need universal health care in this country, and we need it now.” Universal health coverage. So the program that’s basically been designed by Democrats, the whole HMO system set up by Ted Kennedy has now been pronounced an utter failure. The Clintons made it their objective to fix it in the nineties, they didn’t. Now it’s Bush’s problem. Bush caused it, and it’s so bad; it’s so out of whack; it can’t be patched; it can’t be fixed. We just need to end it all and go for universal health care right now — which is typical: grow government, put government in charge of as many people’s lives as possible. Now, the next question from Anderson Cooper, the Paris Hilton of broadcast news, was this: How quickly, Breck Girl, would you start pulling troops out of Iraq?
EDWARDS: Immediately. I wouldn’t bring ’em all out immediately, but I think that process has to be done over — in — in — in a steady, careful way over time, but I would take 40 to 50,000 out of immediately.
RUSH: Why? What’s the magic in 40 to 50,000? He’s just grasping at straws. The thing to remember is they are invested in quitting! They are invested in cutting-and-running. They are invested in giving up. They are invested in surrender. They are invested in defeat — and they are so invested in it now that if there is victory because of this most recent strategery, they are in deep doo-doo, folks — and that’s why they have to do everything they can to prevent it.

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