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RUSH: Are you people aware of how sensitive the Democrats are if you say “Democrat” Party, not “Democratic” Party? You know, they love it to be called Democratic Party because of the subliminal connotation to “democratic,” i.e. fair, but they are called Democrats. They are not called Democratics! So people have started calling them the Democrat Party. It really upsets them. Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper had “The Forehead,” Paul Begala on, asked him what he thought of this.
BEGALA: He congratulated the new “Democrat majority,” as he said. Now, the White House transcript says “Democratic.” There is a difference. My party’s the Democratic Party but the sort of kook right — not the responsible Republicans, but the fringe, the Rush Limbaugh crowd — likes to call my party the “Democrat Party.” They think it’s some sort of an insult or something and, frankly, I guess it is insulting.
RUSH: (Laughing.) It’s not so much that it’s an insult; we just know you guys don’t like it! I think being a Democrat would be insulting, but that’s another thing.

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