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RUSH: I gotta tell you this. I don’t know how this slipped my mind. I screened the new Rambo movie last night at home, as a powerful, influential member of the media. It’s Stallone’s new movie, Rambo. I have to confess: I have not seen any of the previous Rambo movies. Now, this Rambo movie, the movie takes off on the violence in Burma; all of the slaughter of the Burmese monks and so forth. It takes off. It just so happens that Rambo happens to be retired there, and he’s running around; he’s capturing snakes and doing other things for a local business that does snake shows with snake charmers. He’s got his little cadre of Burmese associates and friends and so forth. Out of the blue a group of bleeding heart religious liberals shows up, led by a man and a woman. The guy who plays the role, played the priest on The Sopranos that Carmela almost had the affair with while Tony was out with the Russian babe, and these people are portrayed just perfectly. They’re do-gooder, bleeding heart liberals. They want to go into the midst of this genocide to do the Lord’s work and try to get these mean people to stop being mean. They want Rambo to take ’em up to the heart of the battle here in his boat that he goes out and catches snakes in.

Rambo says, ‘You’re not going to change nut’in’. You won’t change anything.’

They say, ‘With attitudes like yours, it’s no wonder the world is a horrible place. With attitudes like yours, it’s no wonder nothing ever changes!’

‘You’re not going to change anything.’

Here’s Obama saying, ‘It isn’t going to change anything.’ That’s a great way to close the ad.

Anyway, Rambo decides to go ahead and take these people up to where they want to go, and they get captured. He saves the day, gets ’em out of the jam that they’re in by trailing behind. He whacks a bunch of these bad guys with his bow and arrow — Pshew! Pshew! — after these do-gooder bleeding hearts who want to ‘make a difference.’ They are portrayed perfectly. Military people in this, the mercenaries, the military, it’s just fascinating — and folks, it is graphic gory. You think the first 20 minutes or so of Saving Private Ryan was graphic? Whoa! It was nothing compared to this. Anyway, after Stallone saves this group of people, this bunch of lily-livered linguine-spined, ‘We’re going to change the world, Mr. Limbaugh, by making at a better place, because we care,’ and they finally get to the belly of the beast. They find out what a bunch of reprobate, murdering tyrants these little people are, Burmese people. After Stallone saves their lives and rescues them, they move on to another camp and tell him to leave them alone, and this leader of the group says, ‘I’m sorry. I’ve gotta report what you did. Taking a life is never warranted,’ and he’s just saved them! It goes on and on. I think it opens tomorrow night. But I’m sitting there, and I’m cheering. Folks, it is the perfect portrayal what would happen if you let MoveOn.org, the Democrat Underground, Madeleine Albright or anybody run US foreign policy in the war on terror.

It portrays exactly the kind of things that some of our people even want to do with terrorists at Guantanamo. I was sitting there just laughing and chuckling because of the portrayal of this group. I don’t mean to insult them as church people, but they do come from a religious mission and so forth. But they’re just naïve as they can be about the nature of Undeniable Truth of Life, number 18: ‘Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of force,’ and Rambo tries to tell them. Rambo says, ‘You’re not going to change anything. Nothing’s going to change.’ He ends up saving them two or three times in the movie, and a bunch of other people, too — and they still have no appreciation. Well, I take it back. Toward the end of the movie, in the last battle, the leading… (interruption) What? Yes, you do need to see the movie. Oh, they’re telling me I’ve giving too many details of the movie? That’s right. Okay, I won’t tell you what I was going to say. I won’t tell you. But hearing me describe it I know is unique and highly descriptive, and look there are some gaps. There’s some travel gaps in it. I mean, these people out of the blue, here this guy Rambo is in the jungles of Burma, and out of the blue comes a guy wearing a sport coat, an open-collared shirt claiming, ‘I gotta find my church people. They’re lost.’ Now, how did he get there? The guy got on the plane in Kansas. Once you get to Burma, how do you find Rambo? There’s some gaps in here, but you forget those when you start watching — and the villains, you hate ’em, as you should. All right, too much.

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