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RUSH: This is Mary in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Nice to have you with us.
CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Dittos.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: Hey, I was struck last night watching this speech, just what an honorable and decent man President Bush came across as.
RUSH: Yeah, I know.
CALLER: In his introduction of Nancy Pelosi, he went way above and beyond what he needed to do, when he referenced her father, and I thought that was so kind and personal for her, which (scoffs). I wouldn’t have done it.
RUSH: That’s who he is. It’s who he is, and that’s how the family, the Bush family is. That’s just who he is.
CALLER: It was very clear, and I was left with the thought that, “You know, this man is not going to send people ‘over to die’ for his own political purposes or to justify his legacy, or do anything like that; that he knows as the commander-in-chief what he’s doing, and he weighs that option out there: the consequences and the costs that other people’s families are going to have to pay before he makes these decisions, and he does not do this lightly. For all the Democrats to act as if he’s some terrible terrorist or he’s just like Adolf Hitler is so wrong, and I think the American people can see that. The contrast between him and the way that Webb greeted him at that reception where he was so rude to him and wouldn’t even answer his question, to have him be the response, I thought it was very telling.
RUSH: Well, there are two things on this. One of the reasons that Webb did it is because there’s hardly any other Democrat senator they could find to do it that didn’t vote for the war.
CALLER: That’s true.
RUSH: They can’t pick one of the presidential candidates, because it would be unfair to all the others. So you rule out Hillary and Obama and Edwards and all that. Now you gotta go find somebody that did not vote for the war to go do the traditional Democrat response. You have to go get Webb, who’s a rookie. There’s a second factor here. Democrats are really, really, really making a play for Virginia in every political way they can. They had the newly elected governor do a response to something within the last year. Now here is Webb doing it. So there’s a lot of things that went into choosing Webb. What did you think of Webb? Did you watch his response?
CALLER: Yeah, I thought he was just really… He was nothing. I wasn’t impressed with him. I thought the things he brought up were just silly. What he started with, I can’t even remember it. It was really a non-issue with me.

RUSH: Yeah, it was something about 400 years ago in Jamestown.
CALLER: Yeah. Well, that, and then even the issues that he talked about.
RUSH: This guy, everybody tries to say he’s a conservative, a Reagan conservative! This guy painted a picture of soup line America. He made up phony numbers about disparity between CEO and “worker pay.” He wanted to continue to portray this economy as only good for some people. Wall Street is irrelevant; Main Street is what counts, and Main Street is what’s hurting, and blah, blah, blah. It’s just more class envy that the Democratic Party is known for, and then he totally misrepresented Eisenhower and his actions before pulling out of South Korea.
CALLER: Well, then he also referenced how he says the majority of the military is opposed to this. I don’t know where he gets that information. I’ve never heard anything like that before.
RUSH: Yeah, people wonder, “Where is that?” I had the same question: “Who is he talking to where most of the military oppose it?” There’s just no basis for that; there’s no substantiation available for it. What did you think of his hair?
CALLER: I thought his hair looked silly and I thought even when he started talking he sounded like he was trying to have the deepest voice he could have and he sounded ridiculous.
RUSH: Very earnest and very serious.
RUSH: He made a big deal, by the way, last night, that apparently Reid and Pelosi wrote the response, and he tore it up and wanted to write his own.
CALLER: I heard that.
RUSH: And they were saying, “This guy, he can do it all! Why, he can write his speeches; he can deliver his speeches! He can style his hair so it looks like a toupee!”
CALLER: (Laughing.)
RUSH: I don’t know. He affectated his voice in such a way… but nobody watches the responses except idiots like me. I only watch it because I know the audience has expectations.
CALLER: I guess I’m an idiot too because I did watch it.
RUSH: There are a couple of us idiots around. I only watch it because I know the audience has expectations that I will be able to comment on it, otherwise it would have been back to the movie room for me.
CALLER: Well, we count on you for that, Rush.
RUSH: Yeah, I know. Because I understand what the expectations are, and I try to meet and surpass them each day.
CALLER: Thank you very much.
RUSH: You have a beautiful voice.
CALLER: Well, thank you.
RUSH: I wanted to tell you that. Thanks, Mary, for the call.

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