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The Senate has just rejected an effort to pass a minimum wage bill without accompanying tax cuts. The House passed their minimum wage increase and it went over to the Senate, and the Senate said (paraphrased exchange): “Well, we want some tax cuts for small businesses in there to help them defray the increase costs in the minimum wage.” House Democrats said, “Screw that! That’s never going to happen. We’re not going to pass on a minimum wage bill with tax cuts in it.” So the Senate said, “Well, if you’re not going to pass a minimum wage increase with tax cuts, then there isn’t going to be a minimum wage bill.” That’s what the Senate voted. I asked, early on: “How long will it be before Dingy Harry becomes Nancy Pelosi’s biggest thorn and she stops speaking to him?” She’s not going to like this. She’s queen bee! The Senate is supposed to bow down to what the House does, make no mistake about it. Now they are. I’m not talking about constitutionally.
She’s of the mind that the people elected the House and the House is going to dictate these things, although she knows that you need 60 votes for anything in the Senate. Nobody is going to get 60 votes on something like this. So it’ll have to go to a conference committee, and the question now is: Will the House cave on tax cuts for small business? They’ve put themselves out there. They’re praising themselves for raising the minimum wage even though the bill isn’t even done. So you think, “Well, maybe they’re going to have to cave and there will be a tax cut for small businesses in order for the Democrats to get their minimum wage increase.”

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