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RUSH: We’ll go to Long Beach, California. This is Robin. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.
CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I love your show.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: I am what I refer to seriously as a recovered liberal, and I want the audience to know that you’re just too nice to liberals. They are pernicious; they are diabolical; they are liars; they hate America; they will do anything to destroy America; they need to be stopped.
RUSH: Well, now, most Americans hearing you say this about most liberals, first question would be, ?Why do they want to destroy it??
CALLER: Well, it’s almost like a cult attitude. I think it is like a psychosis within us, but we grow up angry, and we have —
RUSH: At what?
CALLER: — serious character flaw.
RUSH: At what do you grow up angry?
CALLER: Well, probably it starts in the home. I was angry at a dysfunctional family, and then I was angry because I was poor. But they’re not all poor. But I mean there’s something — it’s a character flaw, and it’s where you’re not willing to go out and build something, and it’s easier to tear it down. And so when you go out in the world and you’re a failure, you can point to this ideology, you can use this ideology to make yourself feel good.
RUSH: Right. It’s a refuge for miserable people.
CALLER: It is a refuge for miserable, characterless people who are not willing to really do what it takes to utilize what we have available to us, and when you’re angry, it is a pervasive ideology. It goes across the board. You have to buy into every part of it. The environmentalism, the abortion on demand, lack of — that’s another thing. There’s no morals. We have no morals. Now, I?m recovered. I don’t live like that any longer.
RUSH: You don?t want any morals, any judgments.

CALLER: No moral restraint. That’s why the attack on Christianity. And that’s why Bill Clinton was our favorite president. I can tell you before I started to examine my life, I got sick and tired of being miserable, and I started to examine my life, and I have brought myself, I think, 180 degrees, and I say that because I raised two children that are conservatives. My son got me listening to you, so I’m proud of him.
RUSH: Good boy.
CALLER: I was thrilled when Bill Clinton won the election, because, as I saw it, in my liberal days, a pot-smoking —
RUSH: Philandering, go ahead and say it.
CALLER: Yeah, philandering, and, you know, he cheated Vietnam. He didn’t go to Vietnam. See, I used to be in an organization that used get traitors, young men who would not go fight for the country and escape up to Canada.
RUSH: So that was something to respect.
CALLER: Oh, yeah, anything — and we used to tell each other, “After the revolution, you know, our criminal record will be our flag. People will be proud that we have a criminal record after the revolution,” and we used to do anything we could think of to destroy the system, break the system, destroy the system. People like Timothy McVeigh. I mean people would go to that extreme, anything to destroy the system. And people used to challenge me and say, ?Well, why don’t you build something? If you’re unhappy with this country, why don’t you give in to it and build something.? Well, it’s easier to tear it down. But my fear, Rush, is that people like me are in our schools, they run our schools, they run all of our bureaucracies, they are getting elected to office. And see, that was it, when the hippies washed up, cut their hair because they got tired of sitting on their butts and not earning any money, I mean, you know, we want the good life, too. Liberals want the good life, too.
RUSH: Oh, believe me, I know.
CALLER: Absolutely.
RUSH: Absolutely.

CALLER: So hippies running around in Tully’s eating natural nuts and stuff, that wasn’t cutting it, so a lot of people started cutting their hair, going back to school because mommy and daddy would pay for it, and they went into social sciences, and they found a good– they’re eating in the trough of the bureaucracy. Thank God I’m not a liberal, Rush, and you’re too hard on — the woman that called and said, ?Where did they come from?? It is so pernicious. It is so prevalent in this society. I’m ashamed of what I did in the past.
RUSH: Wait, wait. Did you say I am too hard on liberals?
CALLER: You’re not hard enough.
RUSH: Hard enough.
CALLER: You’re too easy on them. Because see what happens is you’re so funny, you’re so gracious, that people think you’re exaggerating, and it’s when you get a liberal on the phone that I really start talking to the radio, ?Yeah, Rush, go, Rush,? because people think you’re exaggerating. You’re not exaggerating. You have liberals down to a gnat. I mean the only other person who is willing to admit it — see, I would like other liberals, other recovered liberals to call your station and admit who we were, what is a liberal, how characterless we are. The more I keep saying it in the present, I mean it was in the past. I can see myself so clearly what I used to be. And it was disgusting. I have nothing to be proud of when I was a liberal. But I had children, and I knew I could not raise them — the mother instinct took hold when I had children, I looked at them, I said, ?I cannot hand over a world to these children with that ideology.?
RUSH: Well, God bless you.
CALLER: Oh, thank you, Rush. And God bless you.
RUSH: Well, you know, I was waiting for that.
CALLER: You never were a liberal, and I don?t know how you know us that well. Tammy Bruce, she wrote a book about it, and she comes very close to telling the truth about liberalism. It’s a sickness. It is an absolute sickness. It is going to destroy this country. It’s gone a long way to destroy this country. And us baby boomers, the hippies that you saw years sticking their thumbs out with nothing better to do but smoke dope, sex… sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, that’s all we cared about, and power to hurt other people. We wanted to hurt America.
RUSH: And all of it motivated by the anger and the rage that you say is systemic and related to the ideology. Look, I have to run, but Robin, can’t thank you enough for the phone call and what you said.

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