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RUSH: If you haven’t been paying attention to the news coverage of the trial of Scooter Libby, it’s serious, but it’s hilarious. You know, Libby claims, ?I didn’t lie about anything. I just don’t remember who I said what to when. I wasn’t lying to you about it, Mr. Fitzfong. I just couldn’t remember. There’s all kinds of national security stuff going on out there.? So Fitzfong calls his three first witnesses, and his first three witnesses can’t remember who they told what, when. And one of these things is really crucial. One of these witnesses, a guy named Grenier, says he told Libby that it was the CIA that sent Wilson to Niger, and that’s how Valerie Wilson’s name came up, and of course we’ve all known this. We’ve all known that it was not a White House job, a vice president order to send Wilson over there. He’s sitting around doing nothing. The house husband. Valerie says, ?Hey, my husband could do a bunch of good work here to sabotage this war,? and this shadow government, CIA, says, ?Cool, we’ll send him over there to file a fake report.? So the first three witnesses of Patrick Fitzfong cannot remember what they said. The judge won’t let Libby call a memory expert as a defense witness.

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