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RUSH: Connie in Utica, Indianapolis, welcome to the program. Thank you for waiting.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: This is regarding the resolution from the liberals and Democrats.
RUSH: There was a Republican on there, Chuck Hagel.
CALLER: I know. I’m trying to forget about that, as best I can. Of course I won’t forget it, believe me.
RUSH: Yeah, don’t forget it.
CALLER: I have two sons. One is proudly serving, my older son is in the United States Air Force, and my younger son is in the Marine Corps. This resolution was based purely on utter contempt for President Bush, nothing else. So my feeling is that they are playing politics with the life of my son.
RUSH: You are absolutely right.
CALLER: I am very upset about this. I’m a proud Republican. I’ve heard comments from Democrats saying that Republicans’ children don’t serve, and it’s just absolutely ridiculous comment. Both of my children went in after 9/11. My husband and I have our own company. Both of my children could have had very cushy jobs for the rest of their lives. Both of them chose to go into the military for a higher calling. But this makes me so angry, because, as I said, they are playing politics with the lives of our children.
RUSH: I know it does. I know it does and it makes a lot of Americans angry because the American people don’t want to cut-and-run. They don’t want to lose. They want to kick butt and win and get out of there.
CALLER: And that’s what we need to do. By doing this, it demoralizes our troops, it sends out a horrendous message to the people that want to murder us and slaughter us —
RUSH: Yeah, that’s exactly right. Stop and think of the timeline. The new commander being sent over there to run the surge tells these senators that this resolution of theirs is going to demoralize the troops and give hope to the enemy. Then they jump on him and he has to sort of back down a little bit, but he said it and he meant it. In light of their hearing that they go ahead with it anyway, now they take it to the full Senate where the objective is to get as many scared Republicans to join them as possible so that if in fact this whole thing blows up and we win the war, imagine saying that, if it blows up and we win, guess who’s hanging out to dry? They want some Republicans with them so they can go on and on and on about how, ?Well, it was bipartisan to oppose this war and so forth.?
Get this, folks, from today’s San Francisco Chronicle. ?All but one of the ten Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted Wednesday against a nonbinding resolution that opposes the surge. Yet not one of the Republicans voiced confidence in Bush’s strategy just 12 hours after Bush made an ardent plea in the State of the Union. Senator George Voinovich voted against the resolution but promised to consider legislation that would tie Bush’s hands if it gets to that. ?Many of us feel you are not listening,? Voinovich said of Bush, his voice rising. ?You are not listening.?? He doesn’t have to listen, Senator Voinovich. You are not the commander-in-chief, nor is anybody else in the Senate the commander-in-chief. The Constitution is clear on who is, and you aren’t. He does not have to listen to you. Why should the president of the United States accept the advice of the demands of people who want this country to lose the war? Somebody explain that to me.

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