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RUSH: We go to Raleigh, North Carolina, this is Lori. Thank you for calling, Lori.
CALLER: Hey, how are you?
RUSH: Fine, thank you.
CALLER: I need your help here. I wanted to know why you believe that the liberals truly want us to lose rather than just being misguided by their idealism, and if they are that way, how did they get there from beginning idealists?
RUSH: From beginning idealists. Now, wait. I need to know what you disagree with. Do you disagree with my assertion that liberals want us to lose, or do you just disagree with my saying it?
CALLER: I don’t disagree with it, and I don’t disagree with you saying it. I’m just not sure I can follow how they became that selfish —
RUSH: You know, Lori, I would be glad, and I’ll try to take you through the timeline of how these kind of things happen, but at this point in time their motivation and reasons for it don’t interest me. There?s not enough time to debate them about this and to call them on it and to embarrass them into changing their minds. This is a race for the hearts and minds of the American people and their representatives in Washington. Now, some people might — and I know that people react harshly. Like I said, some people listening to this program just don’t want to believe that there are Americans who want us to lose. ?How can you say that, Mr. Limbaugh?? The way to answer that is, all right, tell me this. If they don’t want us to lose, how is their action any different than if they do?
CALLER: Well, if they don’t want us to lose, it’s just stupid.
RUSH: Well, it’s not stupid, it’s beyond stupid, it’s unfathomable. But to understand it, you have to understand that everything to them is about political power and the acquisition of it. You have to understand that this resolution, if they really, really, really meant this, if they knew they had the American people on their side, they would go ahead and de-fund. They own the Congress, they’ve got the votes to de-fund the war. At least give it a good shot, but they don’t go that way because they know the American people aren’t with them. So this is playing politics with the troops. And whether the intention here is to lose — I’m telling you, it is. They’re so invested in defeat politically, they have to get one. Let’s put it this way. They cannot allow a perceived victory to happen.
CALLER: Well, how did it get that way?
RUSH: Well, I don’t think it’s anything new. How old are you?

CALLER: I’m 46. I don’t know that it’s new, but I can’t comprehend how someone would get to be that callous.
RUSH: Well, I know it’s difficult. When I was a little boy growing up watching the space shots, the Mercury and the Apollo space shots, I would look at my dad, because I would keep hearing on TV how much all this cost, and I asked my dad, ?Why does it cost anything? Why don’t Americans do this for patriotic reasons?? I didn’t understand market economics or anything of the sort, it was just young idealism. I think that’s the same kind of thing that affects a lot of people. How in the world can there be Americans who don?t like the country? How in the world can there be Americans who hate us? How in the world can there be Americans who resent defeat and prosperity and power and success? Those are psychological questions, and they’re psychological answers. I’ve evolved my theories on this over the years and over the course of the years I’ve explained them, not in one big three-hour presentation, as part of the ongoing excursion into broadcast excellence here.
CALLER: Write a book.
RUSH: Write a book?
CALLER: I’d love to have that dissected.
RUSH: Okay. Well, not okay on writing a book, I’m not committing to that. I understand your point. Yes, it would be well received. It would be a best-seller. But a lot of people have tried to explain liberals. It’s a tough thing to do because people who aren’t liberal, it’s tough challenge to try to get outside yourself enough to understand these people. Most of them are miserable, most of them are unhappy. Most of them don’t really matter, don’t amount to much, and resent anybody else who does. There’s all kinds of factors here. I’m out of time. This frustrates me, because I’d like to explain this.

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