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Now, this is just, frankly, absurd, and this is an example of the histrionics that are out there. “Former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix…” He is a former weapons inspector; he is not a climatologist; he is not a weatherman; he’s not accredited by the American Meteorological Society, and he probably doesn’t know who Heidi Cullen is at the Weather Channel, but he warned yesterday while he was in Cairo “that global warming was a greater threat than weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, and he advocated promoting peaceful nuclear technology around the world. ‘The threat against the global environment and global warming are a greater threat than the weapons of mass destruction,’ he told journalists in the final day of a visit to Egypt, promoting his commission’s report on reducing weapons of mass destruction worldwide.”
If that’s the case, why the hell you running around the world trying to get us to reduce weapons of mass destruction? And if you want peaceful uses for nuclear technology, you better come to the United States and talk to Jane Fonda about it, and Michael Douglas, and a bunch of Hollywood left who are responsible — with one movie, The China Syndrome — for wiping out the nuclear power industry in this country, or stalling it. Folks, just stop and think of this now: global warming is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Has anybody — in all of this global warming business, has anybody — projected the kind of death that would happen with one detonation of a serious nuclear weapon? What in the world is going on! This is an act of sheer desperation. The fact that the world is not signing on to this hysteria is troubling these people, so they come up with the most frightening comparisons and analogies that they can, but just stop and think of this, using a little common sense.
Even you people in Rio Linda can understand this one: Global warming, a greater threat than weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons! Something as ridiculously stupid, arrogant and elitist as that, ought to disqualify anything else he says about anything. This man is a blooming idiot, a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, and he’s on an agenda roll, and he’s got an agenda as to all of his socialist buddies at the United Nations. But a statement like this ought to disqualify Hans Blix from being credible on anything else that he says!

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