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RUSH: Let’s first listen to Dingy Harry. He was on Hardball with Chris Matthews last night. Question: What did you think of your colleague, John Kerry, Democrat nominee last time around who you worked hard for dropping out of the 2008 so early in the battle?”
REID: He did the right thing. I acknowledge that. But he came so close, and that was such a terribly unfair election.
REID: Here’s a man who was a hero —
RUSH: Yeah.
REID: — decorated war hero —
RUSH: Yeah.
REID: — and with the swift boat stuff at the end of the campaign, people wondered if he’d even ever been to Vietnam. John Kerry is a good American. He’s been a great senator. He’ll continue to be a great senator.
RUSH: No, we wondered if he’d ever been to Cambodia. We wondered how many of the Purple Hearts were fake! We knew he’d been to Vietnam. (Laughing.) He told us every time he opened his mouth! Anyway, it was “such an unfair election,” and Matthews said you think he was treated unfairly in the count or was it just in the campaign? You think he got a good count in Ohio for example at the end of that election?”
REID: I think the Ohio count was bad, but he’s — he’s a good American. He realized that it was time to end the election and, uh, not drag this on. I think some votes could have been changed in the state of Ohio, but John Kerry did the right thing. He just pulled the plug.
RUSH: Sounds like Dingy Harry did not want this guy to be president! He’s happy he got out. Yep, he did the right thing. I acknowledge he did the right thing getting out of the race, and he did the right thing by not challenging what happened in Ohio. Make no mistake, folks, they are happy at the Democrat Party that John Kerry has pulled out.

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