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Gregg in Canton, Ohio, home of the pro football Hall of Fame. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hello, Rush. I talked to you the other day about the war. I was wondering are you still going to keep fighting for the New World Order, or are you going to take a stance on the [kook] Resistance Manifesto like we talked about before and go against these criminals that we have in power and stand up and be a man about it and join —
RUSH: I am going to stand up and be a man, and I’ll stand with these people you call “criminals in power,” because what I fear more than the Iraqis and more than the insurgents is people like you.
RUSH: The sheer ignorance — the condescending, arrogant ignorance — from people like you frightens me every bit as much for the future of this country as dealing with Al-Qaeda, because Al-Qaeda knows how to get you on their side as the brief moments you appeared on this program now illustrate. I hear people like you, “Hey, it’s not just American troop deaths! Look at all the Iraqis that are dying.” You don’t care about the Iraqis! You were fine and hunky-dory with them dying as long as Saddam Hussein was killing them. You couldn’t have cared less! You didn’t want to lift a finger about it. Please, don’t bother me with this sniveling little devil and sophistry. I’ve got no time for it anymore.

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