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RUSH: Yes, what a great weekend it was, ladies and gentlemen, from Woodstock to Botox. John Kerry, Jane Fonda, the darlings of the anti-war sixties, after 40 years and lots of Botox, after hitting the jackpot, marrying wealth, now reliving their gory years, I mean glory, in an anti-war ? (Laughing) purposeful little faux pas there. From Woodstock to Botox. So we’ve got these anti-war statements from Jane Fonda, Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn), and Tim Robbins. We can’t do this kind of patriotism, these patriotic sound bites without first, ladies and gentlemen, starting the proceedings with the national anthem.
(Hillary mangling the National Anthem.)
RUSH: Mrs. Clinton in Iowa joining National Anthem in progress when she realized the camera was on her, sort of like Clinton and the Ron Brown memorial.
By the way, I guarantee you here what’s going to happen after our program today showing these then and now Hillary sound bites. Somebody in the Drive-By Media will ask her, ?Mrs. Clinton, what about what you said in 2003 versus what you said in Iowa over the weekend?? I bet almost verbatim, this will be her answer. ?You know, when I decided to run for president, we knew there would be attacks. I just didn’t think they would start so soon.? That’s what she will say. She’s not going to say anything, and they will let that answer go. ?I knew there would be attacks. I knew when I ran for president there would be attacks. I just didn’t think they would start so soon.? All right, here, ladies and gentlemen, let’s move on to Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda came out of the mothballs to bash her country this past weekend.

RUSH: We are rebuilding the country. It’s in better shape than it was when Saddam was running it. There are fewer people dying in Iraq than when Saddam was running it! But what is it that were lies about Jane Fonda 34 years ago? Was that picture fake when she went to North Vietnam and sat with an anti-aircraft gun and pretended to be shooting down American fighter jets? (video) Was that Photoshopped? No, couldn’t have been Photoshopped. That was before Photoshop. Up next is Sean Penn — and, by the way, of these next bites, I think this one particularly is the one that he’s talking to Democrats here, maybe even Hillary.
<a target=new href=”http://www.washtimes.com/national/20040211-123002-8027r.htm”></a>FONDA: Thank you so much for the courage to stand up against this mean-spirited, vengeful administration. I haven’t spoken at an anti-war rally in 34 years because I’ve been afraid that because of the lies that has — have been and continue to be spread about me and that war, that they would be used to hurt this new anti-war movement, but silence is no longer an option.
She’s here today with her two little children, my grandchildren. I’m very proud that they’re here, but I’m so sad that we still have to do this, that we did not learn the lessons from the Vietnam War, that we’ve made the same mistakes, blindness to the realities on the ground, hubris and arrogance in dealing with a people and culture far older than we are, and that we understand so little. Carelessness and thoughtlessness in our approach to rebuilding a country we’ve destroyed.

PENN: Our fellow Americans are dying as we’re standing here today. We are going to send our Congress this message. We have heard the excuse, if I had known then what I know now. Well, we’re here to tell them now what they have to know in 2008. And if they don’t stand up and make a resolution as binding as the death toll, we’re not going to be behind those politicians. We’re here and we?re going to be in local districts and we’re going to push this until this resolution is binding, the money stops, and the troops come home.
RUSH: Aiming right at the Democrats here. He’s telling them, ?Don’t give us this toothless, nonbinding resolution garbage, you’re going to de-fund or you’re in trouble with us.? Here now Tim Robbins leading this venomous crowd in a chant of impeach Bush.
ROBBINS: This past November the American people sent a resounding message to Washington, DC, and the world, ?We want change. We want this war to end.? And how did Bush respond? 21,500 more will risk their lives for his misguided war. Is impeachment still off the table?
CROWD: Noooooooooo!
ROBBINS: Let’s get him out of office.
CROWD: Im-peach Bush! Im-peach Bush! Im-peach Bush!
ROBBINS: Let’s get him out of office before he starts ruling from a bunker. Let’s get him out of office before the only one on his side is his dog, Barney. Nixon — Richard Nixon — talked to the walls. Bush is talking to God. But it’s not a god I recognize.
RUSH: And we are not surprised by that. So the left reliving its glory days from the Vietnam era, clearly telling us who they are and what they are about, Jane Fonda, all of them, John Kerry on foreign soil talking about his own country being a “pariah.”

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