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RUSH: For the longest time — maybe not the whole 18 and a half years, but for much of this program — many people have been suggesting that at least now and then I open the program with the national anthem and so today, let’s do it.
(Hillary mangling the Star Spangled Banner)
RUSH: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s Hillary Rodham Clinton with the national anthem in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday at a place called East High School. The mic was live. She didn’t sing the whole thing. We would have played the whole thing but she didn’t sing the whole thing until she realized she was standing in front of the flag which meant that the camera would be on her, so she picked it up halfway through. I’m impressed she knows the words. For the longest time, too, ever since the 1992 campaign, I have a friend who has constantly bugged me to call Hillary not Hillary, but hilarious, or Hilarious. I’ve always refused that. I’m a model of taste and decorum. I define both of those characteristics on this program. I have rejected the stunt throughout the broadcast years here despite being leaned on by a lot of people. Because I think, you know, it’s focus on the issues.
There’s a story in the New York Times today: ?Women Feeling Freer to Suggest ?Vote for Mom?? Women don’t have to fear being ID?d as a mommy party when national security is the top issue. National security is the top issue? I didn’t think we faced a national security threat. I thought that was the position of the Democrat Party. But, you know, you’ve got Nancy Pelosi bringing all the grandkids and the kids in when she was crowned as speaker of the House, and there is this notion now that women can abandon the early tenets of the modern era of feminism and go on about being mommies. And because the country needs mommies during a national security threat, what threat do the Democrats recognize that’s a national security threat other than their own country? There’s Kerry over in Davos following in the footsteps of every defeated Democrat. Gore has done the same thing. Bill Clinton, even though he wasn’t defeated, does the same thing, calling his own country a “pariah,” posing for photos at Davos, Switzerland, with representatives of countries that you could likely and accurately claim to be enemies of the United States of America.

But when anybody looks at Hillary, do you think mom? Do they really expect to be able to pull this off? I look at Hillary and I see Nurse Ratched, but I don’t see mom. I don’t even think I see mom when I look at Nancy Pelosi, who, by the way, was on a fact finding mission to the Middle East. She went to Baghdad, she went to Pakistan, and she went to Afghanistan. You know what she said about Afghanistan? We need more troops. We need more troops in Afghanistan, folks. (Laughing.) It’s tough to keep up with these people, but we’re going to try today. Now, as to the reason this friend of mine wants me to keep calling Hillary hilarious, the latest example is a response that she made — and we’ve got audio of this, and it’s all coming up — over the weekend when she was out in Iowa. She said, (paraphrased) ?After all, we still haven’t captured Osama bin Laden, have we? And isn’t it about time that we got serious about that? And I intend to.? It is hilarious to hear a Clinton who was in the White House for eight years complain about not getting bin Laden. Of all the candidates on the left, and I don’t know how many of them there are, Hillary is the one with a documented record of not getting Osama. She was co-president — that was how she was billed — eight years of not getting Osama, at least five blown opportunities to do so.
If Hillary and Iowa liberals think that she could be more successful at tracking down bin Laden than the president, you need to ask a question. With her track record, could Hillary do better than say, oh, Dennis Kucinich, could she do any better than John Edwards? I’d like to know who actually ordered the troops out of Mogadishu. Was it Bill or Hillary? Anyway, we’ll have the line that she talked about dealing with evil men. We really are loaded here today, folks. Then there’s this. I’ve been waiting for this. I knew this was coming. I knew it’s been coming for the longest time. It was in the Los Angeles Times, a column by David A. Bell. David A. Bell is a professor of history at Johns Hopkins University, a contributing editor for The New Republic and the author of, “The First Total War: Napoleon’s Europe and the Birth of Warfare as We Know It.” Anyway, here’s the topic of the piece: ?Was 9/11 Really That Bad??
Now, I don’t know if you’ve suspected this to be coming, but I have. You’ve heard me discuss this on many occasions. The left in this country would love for you to be convinced that America today is no different than it was on 9/10, 2001, and days prior. Now here’s the first official effort here from a New Republic writer and author in the Los Angeles Times, was 9/11 really that bad? We lost 3,000 people, but so what? It’s not that big a deal. His point is, yeah, we lost 3,000 people, it doesn’t mean that people want us to be made extinct, it doesn’t mean people are trying to wipe us out, it doesn’t mean people are trying to destroy us, he says. This is something I haven’t seen anybody pick up on it yet, that’s why I intend to publicize it a little bit today. There’s this and all kinds of great stuff just waiting to get started. I think, in responding to my friend’s request to call her Hil-arious I really think, you know, we had a lot of fun with the Clintons in ’92 in that campaign, and they still won. I think it’s probably going to be far more productive to focus on policy and no issues where she is concerned and do that with the humor. Women today are clearly geared up, and if too many insults are made about Hillary’s femininity, whatever you think of it, it’s just going to send women right to her in a sympathetic rush to defend her by way of voting for her. She is what she is, and it’s obvious when you look. If you look at her, you don’t see a mom. I don’t. I think most women would agree, but depends on who says that and making them mad in the process is determining what they do.

RUSH: The left was in orgasmic nostalgia over the weekend with their big anti-war protest in Washington, DC. Can you imagine bringing out Jane Fonda and thinking that you are going to have credibility? Jane Fonda brought back to protest, said she can’t be silent anymore. And they had the usual suspects. They had Sean Penn (Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, the usual suspects, Code Pink and all this, and as I listened — I didn’t watch any of it, folks, I just read coverage of it — I detected more threats aimed at Democrats than I did at Bush or the White House. It might be close. It might be a toss-up. But they clearly were sending messages that they’re not going to sit tight and support unbinding, nonbinding resolution.
They’re going to demand defunding, and they are going to demand bringing the troops home. And, of course, nobody really asks them, just what will be accomplished with this? Just what is your motivation for this? Nobody really pins them down on that. Their answer would be a bunch of pap, obviously about saving the soldiers and bringing peace and so forth, but these people are against their own country’s success and victory. So you had the sixties retreads reliving the great old days, trying to make this another Vietnam scenario, and it’s fascinating to me how people perceive this out there in the so-called great unwashed of the body politic. One of the funniest cheers that happened out there on Saturday in Washington was a protest sponsored — it was United for Peace and Justice — and a Code Pink protester, and this is the commie pinko anti-war group that’s largely female, this is what this woman said.
VOICE: We women of the United States have a very clear message for every single presidential candidate, including or especially Hillary Clinton. And we women say, ?Puuuull oooout noooow!?
RUSH: Come on, give me a break. This is too challenging. I cannot risk getting an FCC fine for my 600-plus radio affiliates, so I can’t say what I really want to say about this. (Laughing.) If only! Pull out now. (Laughing.) What are men to do now? I mean, here’s a bunch of women running around, ?We are mommies, pull out now.? (Laughing.) And did you hear the horror scream at the mention of Hillary’s name? Here, run this again, because there’s a lot in here. But there is a horror scream at the mention of Hillary. (Replaying of sound bite.) Stop the tape. What is it about these Democrat women that they have to scream and rant and get maniacal like this? It’s hilarious. Here it is again. (Replaying of sound bite.) You know, my first thought was that they were talking about the troops (Laughing.) I know I hit a home run when Dawn starts rolling her eyes. (Laughing.) I love these people. They are such great fodder. I’ll tell you what, when they’re in power, though, they’re dangerous. When they’re out of power doing this kind of stuff, they’re funny. When they’re in power, they do pose a dangerous threat.

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