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RUSH: New York Times, ?Women Feeling Freer to Suggest Vote for Mom.? Theory of this is that women don’t have to fear being identified as the mommy party anymore because national security is the top issue. How can that be when you got a guy in the LA Times saying, 9/11, no big deal, we’re exaggerating. What national threat? What national security threat? We don’t have a national security threat. Isn’t that the idea the left puts forth? And, by the way, anybody, please tell me, any of you out there when you see Hillary Clinton, do you think mom? Speaking of Hillary, one more sound bite. Davenport, Iowa, town hall meeting at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. This is Mrs. Clinton.
HILLARY: Well, the question really is, we face a lot of dangers in the world, and in the gentleman’s words, we face a lot of evil men, you know, people like Osama bin Laden comes to mind, and what in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men? (Laughter.)
RUSH: Now, folks, I don’t care who you are, there’s one name that flashes to the front of your mind, and that name flashed to the front of everybody’s mind. So Mrs. Clinton when asked by court reporters to whom she was talking about said —
HILLARY: I was thinking about how our leadership for the last six years hasn’t really produced results.
RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
HILLARY: I represent New York.
RUSH: Yeah, yeah.
HILLARY: We went to war in Afghanistan to destroy those who attacked us, and I was in Afghanistan two weeks ago, and we still haven’t either captured or killed Osama bin Laden.
RUSH: Right, right, right, right. Then a reporter finally said it, ?All right, when you referred to evil men, did you mean your husband??
HILLARY: Oh, come on, I don’t think anybody in there thought that.
RUSH: Everybody still thinks it! Everybody — but, you know, here’s the thing. What in her background equips her to deal with evil and bad men? It’s a good question. Bush tricked her into voting. What she’s saying is she got tricked by Bush. She really wasn’t, folks, if you go back and listen to what she said in 2003 before the Iraq war started, but she’s saying she got tricked by Bush. Who else would trick her? Who else would be able to deceive Mrs. Clinton? Kim Jong Il? Everybody would be able to deceive her, she’s so susceptible to being tricked, but the real answer to the question, ?What in her background equips her to deal with evil and bad men?? The right answer would be feminism.

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