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RUSH: If you missed the first hour, it’s too bad. I’m going to be repeating some of these sound bites throughout the program. Mrs. Clinton is lying through her teeth — there’s no other way to put this — in her appearances on Saturday in Iowa about why she voted for the Iraq war, how Bush misused her vote; lied to her; had she?d known then what she knows now, blah, blah, blah. We have put the lie to it with her own words on audiotape from March of 2003 before the Iraqi war even started when she’s explaining to that very group, Code Pink, that she’d done her own research and that we couldn’t count on the world to do this, just like her husband couldn’t count on the world to help in Bosnia. We had to go it alone because we were the only people that can. It is dramatic and it is very damning for Mrs. Clinton.
It’s on YouTube. It’s in the public domain. I doubt the Drive-By Media will use it. They are suppressing most everything that could be harmful to her. With one exception here, Frank Rich in his piece in the New York Times yesterday, not impressed with Hillary’s posturing on Iraq. In a very cutting line, he writes, ?John Kerry could not have said it worse himself,? meaning the things Hillary is saying in Iowa over the weekend to try to extricate herself from this embarrassing vote for the Iraq war. ?John Kerry couldn’t have said it worse himself.? He has become a standing joke in the Democrat Party, and he has to go overseas, surround himself with representatives of nations theoretically our enemies in order to have friends. He goes over there and he insults the country, calls us a pariah. I’ll tell you what it’s about with him. In addition to his leftist leanings and his ?ber-liberalism, it’s personal. I know these people. I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and he is outraged that you rejected him. He is outraged this country rejected him, and he can’t believe it happened! Any country that rejects him deserves to be insulted and told what for. That is also a motivation for Kerry’s words.

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