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RUSH: What was the name of that syndrome that the woman called about, trying to explain why people send flowers and cards to Barbaro, the horse? It’s parasocial relationship theory. A woman called to say that’s the explanation for so many people reaching out, like to Princess Diana when she had died and now the horse — and even before the horse had died. By the way, we learned last hour that the horse’s last meal was grass. Parasocial relationship theory. Basically what it means is that people are able to have one-way relationships with entities like celebrities, soap opera star, movies, actors, horses, princesses, and so forth. Well, if you are a person who — is it correct to call it an affliction? Parasocial relationship theory. Look it, it’s a disorder on this show. I’m calling it a disorder. There’s nothing normal about it. But for those of you who are afflicted with this, know this, if you go to the Churchill Downs website, there is this little note.
?Churchill Downs Incorporated President and Chief Executive Officer Robert L. Evans today released this statement, following news that Barbaro, winner of the 132nd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs racetrack, was humanly euthanized after experiencing additional health complications. ‘Churchill Downs Incorporated and the entire Kentucky Derby family are deeply saddened by the passing of Barbaro,’ said Evans. ? Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum will position large condolence cards at their main customer entrances on Wednesday, Jan. 31, offering customers and race fans the opportunity to send personal messages to the connections of Kentucky Derby 132 winner Barbaro following his death on Jan. 29. For more information, click here.?
So apparently you’re going to be able to go by Churchill Downs and there are going to be giant cards up there and you can write a message of condolence to the horse. I’m reading it as it’s written here. ?Offering customers and race fans the opportunity to send personal messages to the connections of Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro.? Oh, rather than say family members, Snerdley tells me the connections mean the trainers, the owners — oh! Why don’t they just say that? Because when I think connections, I’m thinking send a message to heaven to Barbaro. How else would be interpret this? ?The opportunity to send personal messages to the connections of Barbaro –? They should just say family members, or friends, or relatives, or some such thing. All right, so I wanted to pass this on for those of you who have parasocial relationship disorder, Churchill Downs is opening ? (interruption) it’s a disorder on this program, Snerdley. I just told people this. They may call it theory. On this program, I’m calling it a disorder. We do this with compassion and we do this with great sensitivity.

RUSH: Here’s Sue in Hagerstown, Maryland. Hi, Sue, nice to have you on the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hey, Rush. You’re talking about reality. People need to hear the real world truth about this horse.
RUSH: Oh, goody. Well, tell us what we don’t know.
CALLER: It’s not love that kept that horse alive, it’s the money. His essence, as we shall call it, is worth millions, and I’m sure that they’ve been taking his essence ever since he became injured. Have you ever seen a vial of semen?
RUSH: Now — have I ever seen a vial of semen? Where? In the first place, don’t lose that question. I want to come back to that, but we learned something about thoroughbred racing yesterday, and that is that they can’t do what you suggest. They cannot artificially inseminate a mare with sperm. It has to happen naturally. It has to be as God made horses do it, and those are the rules of thoroughbred racing. So I’m sure there was a lot of investment in this horse, and they were hoping the horse could be put out to stud, there’s no question were trying to save the horse. But for you to suggest that there was no love and that there was no affection for this great animal? How insensitive can you be?
CALLER: It’s the real-world truth.
RUSH: Now, what is this question, have I ever seen a vial of semen? What must you think of me?
CALLER: They’re so tiny, they’re only the size of a coffee stirrer, and that’s all it takes.
RUSH: A vial of semen is only the size of a coffee stirrer?
CALLER: That’s correct.
RUSH: That’s all it takes?
CALLER: That’s correct.
RUSH: Yeah, but the rules are the rules. They can’t do what you suggest.
CALLER: Have you ever known anybody to break the rules?
RUSH: What a cynic.
CALLER: I think if you’re talking millions and millions of dollars, it’s going to be broken.
RUSH: I don’t know where to go with this.
CALLER: (Laughing.)
RUSH: You are calling here to accuse the great owners of Barbaro of breaking the rules. I asked this question yesterday. Snerdley asked me this, too. I don’t know how you get a horse to masturbate in order to produce this.
CALLER: There is a technique to it. I am a certified artificial insemination technician for dairy cows.
RUSH: Oh my God. (Laughing.) There is a technique? You’re certified in this? (Laughing.) What a day! I thought they’d only know how to do this in the state of Washington, but you are in Maryland you can figure it out, huh?
CALLER: That’s correct. As liberal as this stupid state is.
RUSH: What’s that got to do with anything? (Laughing.) All right, since you are a certified expert in horse masturbation —
CALLER: In dairy cows. I’m sure that the logistics are the same.
RUSH: Oh, it’s even worse than I thought. Dairy cows. (Laughing.)

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