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RUSH: Do you remember when Lurch, Senator Kerry, visited the Kennedy Space Center during the 2004 presidential campaign, and he looked like a sperm? He had on some costume called the bunny costume, and he was in some white tubing and stuff climbing through it, and he looked like a sperm. He had this goofy smile on his face. Well, apparently, it turns out that the whole visit broke the law.
?Sen. John Kerry’s visit to Kennedy Space Center during the 2004 presidential campaign violated the law, according to a federal watchdog agency. NASA allowed Kerry to conduct a political stump speech and rally at the space center and broadcasted it to KSC employees, and the latter part violates the law, the Office of Special Counsel ruled, according to Local 6 News partner Florida Today.
“Beaming the presidential campaign rally to government employees all over the spaceport violates laws prohibiting electioneering using federal resources, according to the report.? No big deal now because Lurch is in Davos avoiding extradition on this. But it was the visit, as they say here, that was more famous for a picture of Kerry that showed him in a standard issue bunny suit climbing inside a space shuttle orbiter. That’s not what I saw. He was in white tubing, dressed up in that bunny suit, and he looked like a sperm in there, and that’s what we call it. I’m sure that we’ve got an archive at RushLimbaugh.com where we could put that picture back up.

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