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“The Democrats are not used to getting heckled. This does not happen to them. If this keeps up, action will be taken to deal with Cindy Sheehan and her mob.”
“I get up every day, go through the news, do show prep, and if I see that the institutions and the people I believe in are being attacked, I’m going to respond and defend — and I’m going to point out the truth about the people doing the attacking.”
“Nancy Pelosi is as far left as you can get and still not be considered a fringe wacko.”
“This Queen Bee Syndrome…there is something to it. I mean, everybody talks about how men fight, but when two women want the same thing — get out of the way. Just get out of the way.”
“Oh, that hurts. Even I, who am deaf, find Cindy Sheehan painful to listen to. But it’s funny as hell. I feel like punishing myself — play that again, Mike.”
“David Gergen, where you been? We’ve been blasting Hillary since 1993. Why does he think that we’ve been waiting to turn her into a pi?ata? You can’t ratchet it up much more than we already have.”
“People have been asking me: ‘Rush, are we going to go back to the America Held Hostage countdown as we did when Clinton won the White House?’ No, ladies and gentlemen. Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Harry running Washington does not rate America Held Hostage status.”
“In an e-mail to Reuters, Mullah Omar says he hasn’t seen bin Laden, prays for his health, and has no clue where he is. E-mailing back and forth with Reuters? Al-Jazeera is going to be jealous!”
“A bunch of questions that I had after last season’s finale start to be explained in this new season of ’24,’ but that’s all I’m going to say. Now let’s move on to something really exciting, shall we? Like the minimum wage.”
“Every time I pronounce John Dingell’s name correctly, I thank God I haven’t screwed it up because it’s so close to profanity.”

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