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“If I say that Barack Obama is a clean black guy, watch how few seconds it takes for this to reverberate all over the place.”
“Biden has put his foot in his mouth I don’t know how many times. He once called Delaware a slave state, and the Drive-By Media yawned.”
This means that Senator Biden looks at some people and sees them as not clean, or dirty. Who would they be?”
“If Biden thinks Obama is clean, it is logical to conclude that he thinks some others are not. So who did he mean? It’s a really, really odd statement.”
“Senator Kennedy probably has Chivas elbow from drinking. He’s the king of the Elbow Benders Club.”
“It’s like Hillary and her ?evil men? comment, which Carville is trying to spin by saying, ?Wow, you reporters, why, you just don’t understand her sophisticated sense of humor.??
“The economy is in really good shape, and Edwards is running around trying to paint the picture of soup line America while he’s sheltering himself in this vast estate off the beaten path that nobody can get to.”
“The Drive-By Media covering the Libby trial are misreporting totally what is happening in that courtroom. They are making it look like Libby is being slammed and creamed each and every day, and it’s just the opposite.”
“Scooter Libby looks clean to me. Ted Kennedy looks thirsty to me, increasingly so.”
“If we want to surrender to the car bombers and the beheaders, then Barack Obama is your man, along with Hillary Rodham Clinton and most any other Democrat.”

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