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RUSH: I love Fox. The Super Bowl is on the Fox broadcast network, which is all fine and dandy, but they’re not the best high definition out there. They’re 720p, 720 progressive, 720 lines. CBS and NBC are 1080i, 1080p is the absolute top — well, you can double that, but there aren’t TVs yet that can produce it. But if you’re watching, say, on a 30-inch or a 40-inch TV, you probably won’t notice, and I guarantee you your wife or girlfriend won’t. All they care about is will the thing come on, you know, hit the power switch, does it come on. High-tech, picture quality, super-duper projectors, you know, women don’t care about that. They’ll have a black eye anyway because people beat their wives every Super Bowl Sunday. But when you blow the picture up, like when I watch Super Bowl in my media room, I got a 16-foot screen in there, I can tell the difference between 720 and 1080, it’s a huge difference. But on a smaller screen it’s not that big a deal. So Fox carrying the Super Bowl, yip yip yip yip yahoo, but it ain’t the best. By the way, Fox is 720 and who else? ABC is 720. ESPN is 720. When are these people going to move up to 1080? That’s what I ask as a consumer. We got the Hutch. Hutch from Seattle, nice to have you, sir. The Super Bowl coming up, you said ‘enough politics’ in the e-mail.

HUTCH: Enough politics, baby. Let’s get with the Super Bowl.

RUSH: All right, now, we got time constraints here. I’m looking at maybe three, four minutes max.

HUTCH: That’s enough. Giants.

RUSH: Thanks for the call, Hutch.

HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Now, I gotta ask you, we talked about this the last time during the championship round. Is this objective or you got some emotion in this?

HUTCH: I got a lot of emotions.

RUSH: Why the Giants? What is it, why do you want to see the Giants win?

HUTCH: It isn’t that I want to see the Giants —

RUSH: Well, then you’ve got emotion.

HUTCH: I just think they got it, man. Have you seen their eyes? There’s something about that team, bro. Plus it’s time for more history to be made. It’s nothing like stopping a perfect team in the Super Bowl, now, that’s history right there.

RUSH: You think that’s bigger history than the Patriots going 19-0?

HUTCH: Yep, you know why, because the Giants have no pressure on them. Everybody expects them to lose anyway. If they lose, big deal, but man, look at all the pressure, and look at week 17, Rush. What happened in week 17? The Giants almost beat ’em, and they believe now they can beat ’em.

RUSH: Yeah, but you know it’s been two weeks, Hutch. You think Belichick is going to show Eli Manning the same defensive look that he got on the 29th in week 17? There’s gotta be all kinds of tricks thrown at him.

HUTCH: Absolutely. Do you think the Giants are going to come with the same plan? It’s been two weeks, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah, but I think the offense that the Giants have is a little bit more predictable than what Belichick’s defense is going to be.

HUTCH: Didn’t stop ’em in week 17.

RUSH: That’s true, 38-35, I understand it was a three-point game.

HUTCH: That’s right, bro.

RUSH: You got Plexiglass Burress — I’m sorry — Plaxico Burress out there saying 27-17, says the Patriots are only going to score 17 points.

HUTCH: (laughing) You know, what I’m afraid of is it may not be close, so you better hold your breath.

RUSH: Now you’re really stepping up.

HUTCH: I am.

RUSH: You’re on the verge here of saying a Giants rout?

HUTCH: Rush, I’m going to tell you, if they get that rush on my boy, it won’t even be close.

RUSH: Who’s your boy in this game, who are you talking about?

HUTCH: I’m talking about Tom Brady.

RUSH: Oh, Brady.

HUTCH: I’m going back to the same. They gotta sack him three times to win.

RUSH: Well, you know, Baltimore sacked him three times, and they took a bunch of botched referee calls.

HUTCH: That’s right.

RUSH: And stupid time-outs by the Ravens defensive coordinator.

HUTCH: That’s right.

RUSH: Hutch, you made this interesting because you know everybody does think that this is a slam-dunk for the Patriots.

HUTCH: I know they do.

RUSH: The Patriots are the most hated team in football right now. The quarterback dates a supermodel. Everybody is jealous of that.

HUTCH: (laughing) You know why I think Tom’s going to lose?

RUSH: Tell me.

HUTCH: I’m going to tell you straightforward. You know that Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, and Tom Brady went to see God, and God asked Peyton Manning, ‘What do you believe?’ He said, ‘I believe in family, winning, and going after everything you can when you got the opportunity.’ God said, ‘I like that belief, take a seat on my left side.’ He asked Brett Favre, ‘What do you believe?’ He said, ‘I believe in winning, going after everything, taking care of family.’ He said, ‘Man, I really like that belief, sit on my right side.’ He asked Tom Brady, ‘What do you believe?’ Tom Brady says, ‘I believe you’re in my seat.’ (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) So you think he’s big-headed going into this game?

HUTCH: Yeah, I do.

RUSH: Well, you have to take this seriously because the Hutch played the game. The Hutch was with the Cowboys, he was with the Chargers and the Seabirds, and you were in the playoffs. Plus you’re a ‘Mike’ linebacker. I’m still impressed by that.

HUTCH: Thank you, my brother. I’m impressed that you are impressed.

RUSH: You’re probably impressed I know what the ‘Mike’ linebacker even is.

HUTCH: Yeah. Do you know what the strong and weak linebacker was called?


HUTCH: ‘Sam’ linebacker and the ‘Willie’ linebacker.

RUSH: Sam and Willie. So Sam, Willie, and Mike.

HUTCH: That’s the three linebackers.

RUSH: Yeah, but the ‘Mike,’ the ‘Mike’ is key. The quarterback’s gotta know where the ‘Mike’ linebacker is, especially when you got four of them, when there’s a 3-4 defense, because the ‘Mike’ linebacker is going to be in a different place every set.

HUTCH: Usually he’s to the strong side.

RUSH: Usually, but not always.

HUTCH: Not always, but he’s usually to the strong side toward the tight end.

RUSH: But, see, that’s where Belichick is — Brady is superb at spotting the ‘Mike.’

HUTCH: He is. He is.

RUSH: All right, so a possible rout of the New England Patriots because Tom Brady thinks he’s God. (laughing)

HUTCH: (laughter)

RUSH: Only you, Hutch. What about this ankle business with Brady?

HUTCH: Well, I think that he’ll be ready. He’s got two weeks, and I don’t think that’s going to be a factor at all. They may try to use that after they lose.

RUSH: Nah. You know what this is? And Hutch, you should know this. This is something I’m happy to be able to tell you something that you know, it just didn’t occur to you.

HUTCH: Hm-hm.

RUSH: This is all about getting out of the Pro Bowl with credibility.

HUTCH: (laughing) It really is.

RUSH: It’s all it is.

HUTCH: It really is.

RUSH: You wear the boot one day going into your girlfriend’s house. You’re never seen in the boot yet again. You limp with a big glob of tape on your ankle out here the first practice this week and all of a sudden you’re not even on the injury report? It’s the Pro Bowl.

HUTCH: It’s the Pro Bowl, baby.

RUSH: Hutch, gotta run, we’re outta time. Great to talk to you. We’re going to keep you in mind here on Monday when we review the results.

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