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RUSH: You know, it is my theory — and this is the cover story on the latest issue of the Limbaugh Letter — that we are becoming a nation of softies, a bunch of wusses. Here’s a story from Leeds, Maine. ?A high school basketball coach was fired after telling his players at halftime to reach into their pants to ?check their manhood.?? (Sigh.) So what? Do these people not understand what goes on in a men’s locker room? ?Leavitt Area High School Principal Patrick Hartnett said coach Mike Remillard told the varsity boys Jan. 23 that ?tonight’s game was about who had the biggest (male genitalia) in town.? ?He then required his players to all stand up and put their hands down their pants and check their manhood,? Hartnett said in the statement, which was read to school board members Thursday by Superintendent Thomas J. Hanson a day after the coach was dismissed. All but one player followed the coach’s instructions, Hartnett said. The team won the game. Remillard, who was in his fourth season as varsity coach, called the pep talk ?normal locker room banter from Fort Kent, Maine, to San Diego, California,? but said he still should not have done it. ?Was that tactic appropriate? No. And I’m paying the price for it,? Remillard said.?
Oh, my gosh. You know, there are all kinds of these insults. You go out on the golf course, one of your buddies, opponents, whatever, hits a drive out of bounds, duffs a shot, chunks a shot, hits it a little Oprah, a little fat — that’s what we call it ? we say, ?Hey, nice. Does your husband play golf, too?? Leave a putt short, ?Nice putt, Alice.? Bill Parcells referring to wide receiver Terry Glenn of the New England Patriots, asked by the media how Glenn was doing, ?She’s going to get better.? Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers, trailing big time in a game, halftime, Lombardi didn’t say anything, players kept waiting for the ranting and the raving, the chalkboard and the X’s and O’s, didn’t say anything ’til it was time to go back out, at which time Lombardi said, ?All right, let’s go, girls.?
The number of occasions in this culture and society in which men are subjected to check your manhood, and don’t check your manhood at the door or this kind of thing, this is just the feminization of the culture. You know what? I should have given a count down warning. I know some of you might have been driving by with little kids, driving along, and now your little kids are asking mom what this all means and you’ve gotta make something up. Next time I promise, I will ? (interruption) what? Oh, come on. Snerdley thinks that most moms don’t know what that means. Don’t make me say what?s on my mind now. I refuse to believe that. Okay. If you got kids with you, turn off the radio. Thirty seconds. Five, four, three — you’ve done it, Snerdley — two, one. Not only do I not believe that women don’t know what check your manhood means, I firmly believe they are the ones doing it, to find out if it exists.
Okay, turn the radio back up.

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