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RUSH: We went out and found a New York Times editorial from February 26th, 1916. By the way, that was two years before my dad was born. My dad’s birthday was February 26, 1918. The New York Times editorial blasted “the Democrats in Congress for taking the side of the enemy.” The more things change, the more they stay the same! The only thing odd about this is the New York Times is bashing the Democrats in it. “‘In an editorial titled: “Have We an American Congress?”, the [New York Times] skewered the Democrats in Congress for taking the side of the enemy, using the enemy’s arguments and tying the hands of the president in his fight to protect the interests of the US.”
[Editorial Text:] “Senator Stone knows very well that the President is not going ‘to plunge this nation into the vortex of this “world war.”‘ The Democrats in Congress who are hostile to the President have raised that cry for their own purposes. It may be said with all confidence that Germany has no desire to add the United States to her already formidable array of enemies. We are not likely to have any more serious trouble with Germany than that which has been brought upon us through the influence of her propagandists and her sympathizers in the American Congress.”
In 1916, the New York Times reaming the Democrats for aiding, abetting, and propagandizing the side of the enemy! “By their Constitution, the American people created the Congress as a branch of the Government of the United States, not as an instrument to serve the purposes of Germany.” Well, we ought to rewrite this editorial and plug in “Al-Qaeda” or any other entity — Iran or what have you — because there’s no question that the Democrat Party today remains invested, totally, in our defeat in the Iraq war and the larger war on terror.

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