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RUSH: Also, this $2.9 trillion federal budget? I want you to think back to last week. Mrs. Clinton, at the Democrat National Committee Winter Meeting in Washington, was just beside herself that ExxonMobil had earned a record profit of $40 billion.
Forty billion is nothing compared to 2.9 trillion! The Congress did not earn one dollar last year! The Congress, the Senate and the United States government didn’t earn a dime. They take every dollar they get from taxation. They do sell some assets, I guess, now and then, but the vast majority of it comes from you and I, and all the other American people. So they get to spend $2.9 trillion; at the same time they get to talk about how it’s not enough! They get to talk about how there are cuts and we’re still not funding health care properly, and we’re still not paying for education properly. $2.9 trillion, and they bellyache and moan about, “Oh, it’s not enough!” ExxonMobil makes a $40 billion profit, and Hillary Clinton said what she said. I think we’ve got a new -ism, actually. Forget fascism, socialism, communism. We ought to come up with a new one like “Hillarism.” You know, when Ford Motor announced a loss of $10 billion in a quarter, Hillary didn’t say anything about that. When ExxonMobil announced a profit of $40 billion, here’s what Hillary said in her own words.
HILLARY: I want to take those profits, and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund.
RUSH: Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman who would be president, actually told you and me and all of us, that she wants to take $40 billion of profits earned by an American company and put that money into whatever she wants to put the money into, something like alternative fuels. More on that, too: the corn crisis in America is escalating. There’s a fabulous story that I found on this over the weekend that you’re going to just enjoy hearing about. She wants to take $40 billion of profits earned by an American company and put that money into alternative fuels. Some people say “like Hugo Chavez.” No, it’s really not like Chavez. Chavez wants to seize the companies. Hillary only wants the profits. Ford Motor lost $10 billion. Hillary Clinton said nothing. ExxonMobil earned $40 billion, and she wants to put that money into alternate energy. So we could ask her some questions. “Madam Rodham, why don’t you take ten of that 40 billion and put it into Ford? Help them out?” or, “If you take the $40 billion from Exxon, how can we be sure you won’t put ten billion of it into your presidential library?”
Joe Biden can make a gaffe — by the way, he’s apologizing again and again and again for it. George Allen can make a Macaca. John Kerry — who, by the way, the New York Times today has called a “pariah.” After John Kerry called the country a pariah, the New York Times today calls him one! (That’s coming up as well.) So John Kerry can flip-flop, but this is not a slip of the tongue. This is a window into the mind of Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is Hillary as socialist. That’s why I’m thinking we need a new term Hillarism. Now, the question is — and some people are asking this — “Is she really saying anything she believes to these Democrats on the campaign trail? Is she really saying anything she believes or is she just saying what she has to say, at this point in time, for the presidential nomination where the Democrat Party is at this point?” Some people are saying, “She can’t really mean this.” Can we take the chance that she doesn’t mean it? This is something that has reverberated all over the place.
Taking these $40 billion worth of profit? That wouldn’t happen. She might try it, but that’s not going to happen — and if it did, that would be the end of Exxon. If ExxonMobil’s $40 billion profit were taken, and every time they earned a profit Hillary is going to take it and put it somewhere else to suit her own needs, why, by any stretch of the imagination, stay in business? There wouldn’t be any reason to stay in business whatsoever.

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