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RUSH: Melanie in Center Point, Iowa. Welcome to the EIB Network. It’s great to have you with us.
CALLER: Dittos, Rush.
RUSH: Hey!
CALLER: I’m just so sick to death of these Democrats saying that Iraq is a catastrophic failure. They want us to fail so bad. I have an 18-year-old son who just joined the Navy. He went to basic training last week.
RUSH: May I ask you a question or two about your son?
CALLER: You sure may.
RUSH: Does your son have absolutely no economic future? Is he totally depressed and thinks his only way to have a possible opportunity to succeed in life is to join the military, and he really hates the military but he has got no other option?
CALLER: No. Please don’t make me cry. My son left college because he’s going to be a doctor someday. That’s what he’s adamantly going to do.
RUSH: I’m not trying to make you cry.
RUSH: This is what the Democrats are saying about people like your son who volunteer.
CALLER: They’re full of it.
RUSH: They claim to be supporting the troops, but they’ve done stories in the New York Times and on the networks about how people like your son have no future. The economy in this country just doesn’t provide for everybody. Some people are hopeless, some people are destitute, and they have no hope of getting an education unless they go into the military, and they really don’t want to. They’re doing everything they can. Look, everybody listening to you, Melanie, feels the same way you do and thinks the same way. We are just as angry as we can be over the attempt to demoralize the troops.
RUSH: We are beside ourselves with the Democratic Party’s investment in this country’s defeat in this war, and we don’t understand how they got elected in the process of this. We just do not understand it.
CALLER: They’re so full of baloney. My son, he left college. He got his first semester in, but he’s like, “Mom, I’m going to be a corpsman. Those guys need me so bad.” He wants to go and be with a Marine unit. He’s going to be a Navy corpsman, and he wants to go over and be with a Marine unit because he believes that he can be there and help them, and the future he has —
RUSH: You mean he literally just joined after his first year in college?
CALLER: First semester, yeah.
RUSH: After his first semester?
RUSH: What kind of a doctor does he want to be?

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