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RUSH: Ramesh in Houston. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. As a former member of the blame-the-right-wing-conspiracy crowd, when my skull was still full of mush, I’m proud to say I’m recovering and have been put on the right path thanks to the EIB Network.
RUSH: Well, great. I appreciate that. Welcome home.
CALLER: Sir, I’m calling in regard to something I saw last night on CNN.com. Even before I got into the EIB Network, I found myself disenchanted with the media, so much to the fact that I don’t even own a television anymore and I get all my news off the Internet, and I saw a report by a gentleman — well, let me preface it by saying the AP was constantly flooding news sites about how Mookie Sadr fled. I said, “Wow. They’re actually using positive words that might reflect well on the Bush administration. This can’t last more than six hours,” and then sure enough, around midnight last night, CNN comes on with their wonderful Michael Ware, who likes to show videos of GIs getting sniped at —
RUSH: We’ve got the sound bites here, and you people have to hear this. Ramesh, thanks for the phone call. This is from Anderson Cooper 45. The fill-in host last night was John Roberts, and he’s speaking with Michael Ware, who is the CNN, quote, unquote, “correspondent in Iraq,” and John Roberts says, “Senior White House officials say that [Mookie] al-Sadr has fled to Iran out of fear for his safety because of the coming troop buildup. Any idea where Muqtada al-Sadr is, Mr. Ware?”
WARE: This is the same White House that thought there was weapons of mass destruction here in Iraq and who, until recently, were telling us things were going well in the war in Iraq. So what we’ve heard from the White House and the reality on the ground here in Iraq, are often two different things. He travels frequently, and often, that is to Iran. There’s plenty of reasons for him to go there. So has he left or has he fled? We woke up a member of parliament from his political faction, a spokesman. That gentleman said that Muqtada is still here.
RUSH: So CNN will accept the word of the enemy rather than the word of his own government. Of course, what’s new about that? But here is CNN relentlessly spinning for the enemy, shooting down reports that al-Sadr has fled Iraq. By the way, I originally saw this as an ABC report. In the second bite we have on this, John Roberts says, “Well, hey, look, Michael, if he did leave, would it have any impact at all?”
WARE: At the end of the day, tactically, operationally, it would amount to diddly-squat. Muqtada will be able to direct his militia and political forces from anywhere he wants to.

RUSH: So the enemy can do no wrong! The enemy is all powerful. Bush lies. The American government lies. The military lies. We only get the truth of what’s happening in Iraq from the enemy. There you have it. CNN, thanks so much. We can always count on you. Have you heard about the tape from Ayman al-Zawahiri? I know this came out early in the week, and I wasn’t here on Monday, and this thing hit on Sunday, I believe it was. But there’s the most amazing passage in this thing. He spoke directly to Democrats in the United States Congress, and here’s what he said: “As for the Democrats in America, I tell them: the people chose you due to your opposition to Bush’s policy in Iraq, but it appears that you were marching with him to the same abyss, and it appears that you will take part with him in the defeat and certain failure with Allah’s permission, and the American people shall discover that you are all one side of the same coin of tyranny, criminality and failure. That failure which, by the grace of Allah, has neutralized the endeavors of the traitors who entered Kabul and Baghdad on the backs of American tanks and has dashed their hopes as they see the Mujahideen come closer and closer to victory, which has led them to urgently appeal to America for help and implore it to continue to occupy their lands and raise the banners of the cross over their heads.”
Now, is it just me? I have been commenting on this ever since prior to the election last November. Here you have number two to Osama, who I’m not even convinced is still alive, Ayman al-Zawahiri telling the Democrats that they are failing in their mission, in their promises in the campaign prior to the 2006 November elections. This guy is suggesting that they promised to do exactly what Al-Qaeda wanted, and now they’re not doing it. Now, probably some of these weird moon bats from the Democrat kook base probably think Zawahiri is right on the money. They think the Democrats aren’t being gutsy enough with these nonbinding resolutions and so forth, but does it strike — and I’m talking to you moderates out there. I know the people in this audience who are rock-ribbed conservatives are right along with me, are appalled by this, but those who are moderates — and I know you’re out there. You lurk. You don’t want anybody to know you’re there, but we know you’re there, and you know who you are. Does it not trouble you at all that the enemy of this country so often sounds, policy-wise, identical to the Democrat Party and that their objectives — i.e., the defeat of the United States — are inseparable? Does this ever occur to you? I really wonder — and judging by last year’s elections, you don’t know. It’s tough to ascertain.

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