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RUSH: Does anybody have any idea who it is that shovels away the snow at Algore’s house? This is a fascinating thing to me. It remains fascinating, even though I know that nothing is going to be said about it. Here we are in the middle of a genuine blizzard, a record snowfall in Chicago — and there’s plenty of news coverage about it, but there is not one reference by the Drive-By Media to global warming, and, “Hey, wait a minute. Maybe there isn’t any global warming.” Record snowfall in Chicago, a blizzard in the Northeast, record snowfalls in upstate New York because of those lake effect snows. It’s incredible, and yet we have nobody wondering about global warming, which we’re told is supposed to occur in the wintertime. That’s when it’s supposed to be noticeable — and how about this? “The Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality hearing scheduled for today,” Valentine’s Day, “at ten o’clock this morning, in Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building has been postponed due to inclement weather. The hearing is entitled: ‘Climate Change: Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Human Activities Contributing to a Warming of the Planet?'”
They canceled the hearing on global warming because of snow and ice! It doesn’t get any better than this, and yet there’s not one reference to the fact that there might be something, shall we say “dishonest” about the so-called consensus on global warming. Then near St. Louis, pi?ce de r?sistance: “Maryville University in St. Louis is canceling the screening of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth today because of the snowstorm.” It’s true. This poor guy. Every time he opens his mouth the temperature drops ten degrees no matter where he goes, and yet, not a word, folks! Not a word about the fact that there might be even some curiosity — not even some skepticism — because this is not about science and it’s not about weather and it’s not about warming. It’s all about politics. It’s about left versus right. It’s about liberal versus conservative. The Drive-By Media today, they’re no longer really journalists. They’re not reporting news.
This is all about left versus right and left triumphing over right, and that’s why when people say to me, “Well, when are you going to reduce your partisanship and try to get along with the other side?” I’m sorry. Partisanship is the battle of the day. Partisanship is the battle for the future of the country.

RUSH: Stephen in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, welcome to the program.
CALLER: Hi, Rush! I wanted to make a comment on global warming.
RUSH: Good.
CALLER: Okay. If you look at the way the satellite photos showed the break-off of the intercontinental ice shelf…
RUSH: They haven’t shown that. It’s BS.
CALLER: All right. All right. All right. Think of the way the ice flows southward as it melts. That would mean that it would cause colder temperatures as it reaches that destination. Okay, so it takes awhile to take effect. I reside in Connecticut. We had Christmas.
RUSH: Oh, wait a minute. I think I understand now. The glaciers are breaking apart there in the Arctic Circle —
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: — and when the glaciers break apart they’re flowing south —
RUSH: — on the ocean and that’s bringing cold air further south.
CALLER: Absolutely!
RUSH: So actually the warming that’s causing the melting is causing the freezing temperatures and the ice over North America and Canada?
CALLER: That’s another factor.
RUSH: It’s what?
CALLER: I would call that another factor.
RUSH: Another factor. The warming of the ice at the North Pole, the Arctic Circle, is causing the melting of glaciers, and the glaciers are bringing the cold air south and —
CALLER: Correct.
RUSH: See, folks, this is how they have done it. Every weather extreme is related to global warming. Look, Stephen, you’re a nice guy and I’m glad you called and so forth. I’m up against it here on time. Do one thing for me. You sound young. You sound like your mind is still open. There’s no science in this global warming. It’s politics and consensus, and you have to understand: you’re not capable, I’m not capable, none of us are capable of destroying the planet. All this is, is an attempt to make you feel guilty for the efforts you are undertaking via an advanced lifestyle to destroy the planet so you’ll go for big government and big taxes to supposedly fix what isn’t broken. It’s asinine.

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley made a pretty bright observation to me at the top-of-the-hour break. I went in there to his office, and we’re watching the tube, and all these reporters — as they are wont to do during snowstorms — are standing out there in the snow. Snerdley said, “You know, I’ve been watching this for the last couple days. These people actually seem shocked that it’s snowing in February. They seem shocked that we are having cold temperatures and record cold and record snowfall.”
I said, “Why wouldn’t you think they’d be shocked? These people have bought hook, line and sinker into the global warming model. This wasn’t supposed to be happening! Of course they’re shocked.” Then we saw a crawl that went across the screen: “Deadly Snowstorm Strikes Northeast.” Once again, a lack of perspective. Let me just ask you a question. In the civilized and advanced state of life that we in this country experience today and enjoy, do you think the number of weather-related deaths are higher today than they were, oh, say 75 years ago, a hundred years ago, 150 years ago, 200 years ago? Of course not! But the Drive-By Media wants you to think that it’s never been worse, that weather-related deaths are at an all-time high because of global warming or ice or snow or what have you. Anybody ever heard of the Donner Party? These were the people traversing the Sierra Mountain Range, out in Nevada-California. It got so bad — so much snow, so much ice, so much cold — they resorted to cannibalism, and the survivors documented it and so forth. The one reference that could be found to the weather in all of the writings of the Donner Party was, “It was an unusually cold winter.”
They weren’t whining. They weren’t moaning. They weren’t asking, “Where’s FEMA?” They were just making observations. Think about the pilgrims. If it hadn’t been for the Indians showing them how to start a fire, my gosh, who knows how many of them would have died? Think about the pilgrims and the early arrivals in the colonial days when you’ve got snow and ice storms like this, and the only source of heat is a fire in your cabin. The idea that we have it tough these days (menacing newscaster voice), “Deadly Snowstorm! Deadly Ice Storm! Deadly Heat Wave!” and so forth, and yet the incidents of weather-related death have to be minuscule today compared to times gone by, particularly in the distant past, and even the not-too-distant past. I know what some of you are saying: “Rush, what about the 35,000 that died in Spain and France during a heat wave a couple years ago? It’s global warming!” Yeah, I remember that. They didn’t have air-conditioning and a number of problems settled in, but that’s probably the kind of thing that happens in a less-advanced society where there isn’t air-conditioning, where there aren’t places and shelters for these people to go and so forth. That’s probably a good illustration of what it used to be like every year when there were heat waves — which there were, of course.

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