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RUSH: David, thanks for waiting. Welcome to the program, sir.
CALLER: How are you doing? It’s an honor to be on your show, Mr. Limbaugh.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: I was thinking, we really need to send children over to fight terrorism. It’s our only option.
RUSH: We need to send children over to fight terrorism? How do you figure?
CALLER: Well, according to Hollywood, children are not influenced by sex and violence — in movies, on TV, in rap music. They’re not influenced by any of that. However, our 20- and 30-year-olds in the military are. So, we bring them back; we send children over there, and they won’t be influenced by “24” and any other kind of programming!
RUSH: An interesting way to make the point. We talked about this a minute ago. All during the eighties and the nineties, with Murphy Brown and Dan Quayle, conservatives expressed concern about the moral depravity and the sexual mores and the violence that was permeating prime-time television. “No, no! You’re interrupting artistic freedom! You don’t know what you’re talking about! This stuff has never been proved to influence behavior,” blah, blah, blah. Now we’ve arrived to the point where (chuckles) it’s influencing the way troops conduct torture in their jobs in the US military. It’s a good point: send the kids over; they’re not affected by it. It makes as much sense as anything else the left is saying these days.
RUSH: Joanne in Bennington, Nebraska. Hi, and welcome to the program.
CALLER: Thank you, Rush. First, I would like to thank you for all the things that you said early in the program. My son is currently serving in Iraq, and I know he would have appreciated your words. Really what I called to say was that there’s very little doubt in my mind that the Democrats will cut off funding for the war. They’ll probably start with the supplemental appropriations, and that’s because Petraeus is going over there. He is very well aware of everything that’s going on there, what the problems are. He’s very bright, very brilliant, and very determined, very energetic. I think he scares them to death.
RUSH: Why?
CALLER: I think the liberals are terrified that he might succeed.
RUSH: Yeah, exactly. He might succeed, and that will throw the biggest monkey wrench into the left’s plans that they can imagine.
CALLER: Precisely.
RUSH: In fact, this news about Muqtada al-Sadr having fled?
CALLER: (Laughs.)

RUSH: I read Ralph Peters today in the New York Post, and Mr. Peters gets the perspective on this right. Mookie and his boys have fled, and these are the guys telling their minions and troops, “Go out there and be martyrs! Paradise awaits!”
CALLER: (Laughs.)
RUSH: When it comes time for these guys to martyr themselves and join ’em in paradise, and get the virgins, they’re nowhere to be found! They’re back in Iran. Now, whether or not they’re back there to wait it out and see what happens or they’re back there reconfiguring and re-arming, the point is they fled. They got out of there, and they got out of there for a reason. That is, that they understand that Petraeus is serious; they understand that Bush is serious about this, and they may look at it as though they want the US and Iraqi coalition forces to wipe out some Sunnis for them and come and pick up the pieces later. But make no mistake: they fled because they fear for their lives and they’re thinking this action might succeed. I said to you on this program — and backing what you said here, Joanne — the Democrats have been demanding the pullout by May because that’s when Petraeus has been saying we’ll know whether the surge is actually going to show progress, is working, and shows promise and so forth. So, you’re probably right. At some point I think they’ll have no choice but than to cut off funds if only to preserve defeat.
CALLER: Yes. Precisely.
RUSH: Because they’re up on the cliff now. In fact, they’re over the cliff if this succeeds. Since you bring this up, grab audio sound bite #10. I want you to listen to this with me, Joanne.
CALLER: All right.
RUSH: Pelosi was on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer last night, and Jim Lehrer said, “Ms. Pelosi, what would your position be if in fact the Petraeus plan worked?” What if it actually worked, the Baghdad security plan?
PELOSI: I pray that it does. But the fact is we know that it would increase the odds of it working if there were some sincere efforts to engage the other countries in the region in the diplomatic solutions that are necessary to stabilize the region, and do the political work, do the political work — that is to say, amend the constitution, include the Sunnis and others into the civic life of Iraq. That’s where you go. You don’t go into ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods and say, “Now we’re going to referee.”
RUSH: Hooool-eee! She was totally blindsided by this question, and gets into, “(Stumbling) Well, uh, uh, wuh, eh, we pray that it does.” We know we would increase the odds of it working if there were sincere efforts to engage other countries in diplomacy?
CALLER: It’s incredibly silly.
RUSH: Well, it’s na?ve!
CALLER: It leaves me speechless. It is so silly.
RUSH: Now it’s “ethnic cleansing,” by the way.
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: The United States Military is engaged in ethnic cleansing. Of course, she won’t be called on this because she’s Madam Pelosi, and they’re not criticized. But, anyway, she was totally caught blindsided by the whole concept of victory, of this thing working. I’m going to tell you: When she said, by the way, “pray that it does”? I don’t believe her. They don’t have any political investment in victory. They can’t share victory; they can’t claim partial credit for victory. About all they would be able to do is to say, “We passed our resolution supporting the troops,” and that wouldn’t be much. We have a lot at stake here, folks, if we win. Stop to think about that.

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