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RUSH: (story) ?Immigrant-rights activists yesterday renewed their push to allow legal noncitizens to vote in the Big Apple. A bill that would grant permanent residents and other legal immigrants the right to vote in municipal elections has been stalled in the City Council since last year.? A related story. ?Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is touting congressional Democrats’ push to make college more affordable for young people, including those without legal residency. ? In a news conference following the meeting, Pelosi made reference to the effect of Proposition 300, an Arizona initiative passed by voters in November that requires illegal immigrants to pay out-of-state tuition to attend public universities and community colleges. ?Our country does not benefit by our depriving young people of an education,? Pelosi said.?
We’re talking about college here. Young people. We’re not talking about children here, Miss Pelosi. But anyway, you see what this is all about. This is something that I have been warning you people about for many, many moons now, that the whole illegal immigrant crowd or the legal noncitizen crowd, they just represent new voters for Democrats. They’re running out of victims, and they need more. The country and its traditions be damned. These people don’t give a rat’s rear end about it, it’s just whatever they can do, whatever damage happens to the country in the process of keeping themselves in power, they couldn’t care less. In fact, there’s a part of me that thinks that they would love to destroy as many of the traditions and institutions that have defined this country’s greatness for countless decades simply because they don’t fit in with those institutions for a whole host of reasons.

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