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RUSH: Last night on CNN’s Paula Zahn Now they were talking about hip-hop, the music, the culture, and the lyrics. Somehow my name came up in this discussion. The guest was somebody named Cliff Schecter, an expert. Never heard of him. He’s from AmericaBlog.com, and this is what he said.
SCHECTER: There’s misogyny throughout our culture. We just elected a new speaker of the House and Nancy Pelosi is a woman and all we heard all week were on her pantsuits, what this one looked like, what that one looked like. We didn’t hear things about policy. You’ve got people on the right who are going out and screaming every day, people like Rush Limbaugh who scream feminazi, feminazi, feminazi.
RUSH: I did not. Not about Pelosi. There are feminazis out there. She may be one; I haven’t really studied it in detail. That’s not my primary problem with her, but how do I end up in this discussion? There’s misogyny throughout our culture? Let me tell you something. You better go talk to people like Charlie Gibson, not me. Charlie Gibson was marveling over her ability to have the grandkids on the lap, the real kids up in the crowd, and still be able to protect the country at the same time. I never heard anybody talking about her pantsuits. I have heard people talking about Hillary’s pantsuits, but I’ve not heard anybody talking about Pelosi’s pantsuits. I’ve heard people talking about her face, but I’ve not heard anybody talking about her pantsuits. I certainly haven’t talked about her pantsuits. I couldn’t care less about her pantsuits. I just hope she wears something. What it is is irrelevant to me. That’s not the danger posed, the threat posed, by Pelosi. I just don’t think she’s that bright. I don’t understand. How does that come up in a discussion of hip-hop? I guess you have to have heard the whole thing, and I didn’t, and I?m not going to go make an effort to try.

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