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RUSH: Here’s Laura in Erie, Pennsylvania. Hi, Laura. Welcome to the program.
CALLER: Oh, hi, Rush. Thank you for everything you do.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: Especially keeping the morale of our troops and our heroes across the world very high. Thank you for that.
RUSH: Thank you very much for calling. I appreciate your comments.
CALLER: Well, and is it true that you have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?
RUSH: Yes, I have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, because of my excellent peacemaking skills, I have offered to mediate the fight that’s broken out between David Geffen, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. I offered to do it, have a meeting, you know, have negotiations, and diplomacy to solve this. Democrats want diplomacy to solve every conflict. Well, I’m offering my diplomatic skills to solve this here in my home town of Palm Beach, Florida. We call it the Palm Beach Accords. Yes, I have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
CALLER: Well, I’m wondering, because I think a lot of people consider that a very liberal honor, like Jimmy Carter was a prior recipient. I’m just wondering if you ever thought of coming up with a conservative equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize, maybe in your name or other people’s like Ronald Reagan or John Paul The Great that would, you know, counter that other liberal side of the announcements.
RUSH: Well, I’m making many plans to continue my legacy long after I have slipped the surly bonds of planet earth, which — you know, the Nobel prize didn’t happen until Alfred Nobel assumed room temperature. He left the bulk of his fortune to create the Nobel Peace Prize whole concept. It involves a lot of money, education, indoctrination. They don’t just give awards. There’s the peace prize. There’s the medicine prize. There’s the prize in economics. There will probably be a Nobel Peace Prize for global warming. Well, they can’t do global warming because they’ve got Gore nominated for the peace prize because of that. I don’t want to divulge anything, but as all important people have done, I’m making plans for my legacy to continue long beyond my earthly life.
CALLER: Well, you have done so much for the conservative cause in so many ways, and I thank you for continuing to educate us and converting many people. Thank you for all you do. You’re pro-life, you’re pro-marriage, you’re pro-troops especially —
RUSH: Well, I’m pro-marriage as an institution.
CALLER: Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Traditional marriage has to be the standard for society because it’s the healthiest, and that’s what I believe, and I thank you for —

RUSH: Speaking of which, the state of Washington, a legislator out there, I don’t know if he’s gay or not, but he’s being supported by gay groups. He wants to pass either a ballot initiative and have it voted on by the people or a piece of legislation — I’m not sure which — that would require married couples to have children within three years or their marriages would be annulled. He’s doing this or they’re doing this because the pro-marriage institution people are saying that marriage exists primarily as the standard best way to raise children. Of course, the gay marriage people say, ?Well, we can’t do that without other forms of insemination or artificial wombs, adoption, this sort of thing.? So this is a way to highlight how phony, in their minds, the whole conservative support for the institution of marriage is. Have you heard about that? And if not, what do you think of it?
CALLER: Well, you know, it is the most ideal. Procreation and unity are the keys to marriage, and I think we degraded the sacred institution of marriage so much through Hollywood and cohabitation and all those other forms, those other unions that they think should be equivalent. But marriage is the ideal for those kids to have a mother and a father, and —
RUSH: What do you think of the idea, though, that if two straight people get married and don’t have kids in three years, the marriage is annulled?
CALLER: Well, I work as a nurse practitioner. I know there are some physical reasons why people can’t have children, so I don’t —
RUSH: You mean you would support this?
CALLER: I’m saying that I want people who are thinking about bringing children into the world to have a concerned and committed mother and father in their life, and that is the best and healthiest for them.
RUSH: Well, I don’t disagree with that. All right, look, I appreciate the call, Laurie.
CALLER: Thank you for everything you do.
RUSH: You’re more than welcome.

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