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RUSH: Here’s Sean in Woodbury, Connecticut. Hi, Sean. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. I wanted to call because I visited my newly elected Democrat Congressman Chris Murphy on Friday in a town hall meeting, and for about the first half hour of the meeting he sat there and berated this country, said it’s our fault we have terrorism in the world. We caused it. The president’s incompetent. The military can’t win. It was all the stuff you talk about all the time. I never, ever imagined that liberals are this bad. I’ve been a listener for a long time, and I guess until you see it, you just can’t believe it — and one of the things he did mention (I know you’ve been talking about the cutting off funding) he actually admitted that the Democrats are going to have a vote on cutting off funding.
RUSH: Oh, I don’t… Well, he may think that. I’ll be curious to see if that really, really happens. They’ll only do it if they know they’re going to lose it. Unless it looks like the surge is working and unless there’s real progress, they can’t allow that to happen. They cannot permit victory. They own defeat. They must secure defeat! So he could be telling you the truth. But I want to ask you something. I’m really serious about this, Sean — and don’t take it personally. I’m asking this for my own education. How long have you listened to this broadcast?
CALLER: I don’t remember, but I used to watch you on TV when I was younger.
RUSH: All right.
CALLER: I’ll be 30 this year, and I’ve been listening and paying attention to you, I would say I listen every day for probably a good five or six years.
RUSH: Okay, five or six years. The television show was 1992 to 1996. So you’ve got a long history with this program, and you admit that throughout this long history, you have heard me eloquently, precisely describe liberals — and yet that wasn’t quite enough to get you to fully accept it, believe it, or understand it. You still had to see it in order to believe it. You had to be exposed to it personally in order to believe it. Why did you doubt me?
CALLER: Rush, I didn’t doubt you. I think that it’s just something so opposite of what my beliefs are that… I don’t know. I certainly don’t doubt you.

RUSH: Exactly right, and here’s the point that I want to make. You, like a lot of people in this audience, I say what I say about liberals, that they own defeat, that they want America to lose. Most Americans do not want to think that there are other Americans who believe and desire such things. So they’ll think I might be exaggerating or that I’m wrong, or even if they like me, “Ah, Rush is kind of off, going off his rocker again here today,” because they just don’t want to believe it. Most Americans don’t want believe that there is a political party with a high number of members elected who actually want the worst for their country, and until you see it like you did, you don’t believe it, because you don’t want to believe it.
You think nobody could really dislike their country that much. These people hate George W. Bush; they don’t even know him! How do you explain the vitriol, the personal hatred that these people have for Bush — not just elected Democrats, Hollywood types and so forth — who have never even met him? There is an explanation for it, but even when you hear ’em say it, it doesn’t really register. So I’m glad you got to hear this guy. I’m glad that you had a way to personally validate what you heard on this program, because it underscores the fact of just how pervasively bad and extreme and dangerous that it is when people hear the truth but don’t want to accept it because they don’t want to believe people like that really exist in the country and have positions of power. Exactly right, right?
CALLER: Exactly. I’m still in shock. It’s like three or four days later. He opened the microphone, I got up, said a few words, nothing that you’d be overly proud of, and then I just walked out, and I had about ten people — there were at least 300 people there, and about ten people clapped for me, and everyone else looked like they were ready to lynch me, and it was really —

RUSH: What do you mean I wouldn’t be proud? You got up in the lion’s den and you took the guy on! You may not think that you said anything as well as you could have said it, but you still got up and said it. That’s gold star behavior.
CALLER: Well, I did say to him, I said that, “You know, you guys are going to get us killed and we’re going to fight this war whether you want to or not. Next time it’s going to be on the streets of New York.” I really bit my tongue. I really wanted to say some really rude and profane things, but I felt that it was better to take the high road.
RUSH: It was probably wise you didn’t do that because you wanted to walk out of there with some credibility with what you said, and if you’d have called the guy names or treated him the way he’s describing Bush, everybody else, that crowd would have dismissed you. So you did the right thing. Congratulations. (applauding)
CALLER: I’m glad I made you proud, Rush. You make me proud every day.
RUSH: Thank you, then we’re mutually proud and that’s progress. I’m glad you called. I appreciate that story.

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