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RUSH: All right, folks, a little pop quiz. Do you have any idea what began 14 years ago today? A little hint. It resulted in the deaths of 74 people, including 25 children. What began 14 years ago today resulting in the deaths of 74 people including 25 children? The standoff at Waco over the Branch Davidians. You know my source for this? ABC News. Do you know how stunned I am ABC remembers this? You know how double stunned I am that not only ABC remembers it, but that they are reminding us, the Drive-By Media?
They ask, “What lessons have been learned? At least 74 people, including 25 children, perished when fire consumed the complex on April 19th, 1993, after weeks of fruitless talks between FBI negotiator and David Koresh.”
Yep, once again, we fail to solve the crisis at Waco with talks, so we just blew up and bombed and flamed the compound and killed everybody in it on the orders of Janet El Re?o. They did this for the children because the children were supposedly being abused, so Reno gassed them — and ABC’s reminding us of this today. Amazing. I would not have known that today began the standoff.

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