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RUSH: In the meantime, Suzanne in Vero Beach, Florida. Hello, and welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Yes, Rush. I have a concern about Hillary Clinton’s memory losses. You know, she forgot to disclose the tax information that you talked about for five years. She forgot about the law firm records being at her home for a few years. What if she’s president and has one of these memory lapses? It could be important for her.
RUSH: Yes, well, of course, as you well know these are not memory losses, these are lies. These are not memory losses. By the way, I want to explain one thing. You mentioned the Clinton Foundation in your litany here. By the way, I’m not discounting what you say. Those are valid questions. I put it a different way. She’s out there trying to say now that George W. Bush tricked her into voting for the Iraq war. Her husband tricked her for how many years? Why, Hillary never knew about Monica. Hillary never knew about Kathleen. Hillary never knew about Juanita. Hillary never knew about Gennifer. My gosh, it’s easy to pull the wool over this woman’s eyes. What if somebody like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets in the act? Woman is easily fooled.
There was a story out there that the Clintons did not report a number of donations to their family foundation, and she amended this. She forgot. It was an oversight. But one of the aspects of the story reported by some people was to say that there was a little chicanery going on because they took a $5 million tax deduction via the foundation when they only donated $1.25 million to charity. Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing illegal about that and there’s nothing wrong about that. The way these charitable foundations work is this. Let’s say that you wanted to set up your own foundation. I’m just going to invent a number here. Let’s say that you have a million dollars that you want to donate. Your foundation is going to make charitable grants so you put a million dollars in your foundation. The year that you put the million bucks in your foundation you get a million-dollar charitable tax write-off. You only have to donate 5% of it every year or 10%. So it’s perfectly legal under tax law that they could take — if they put $5 million in the charitable foundation one year, they get that as the deduction. They don’t have to donate all five million. That’s one of the reasons that financial planners advocate people do this, take the immediate tax deduction and then donate the money over time, as opposed to just making charitable contributions on the fly every year.
If you know you’re going to donate a million dollars, just put it there and take the deduction. Then if you only want to give away a couple hundred thousand dollars of it the first year, you can do that. And of course the more amounts you donate, the more you have to giveaway as a percentage basis, but the greater deduction that you get. So there’s nothing chicanerous about that. What was chicanerous was that they forgot to report this. It was an oversight. Now, speaking of all of this, ?six years ago ?? and this is from the Boston Globe, of all places ?the launch of Hillary Clinton’s career in the US Senate was marred by allegations that her brothers had received payments from people pardoned by President Bill Clinton in the waning months of his presidency.
?Now, in the wake of the launch of her presidential campaign, the pardon controversy has reemerged in an obscure court case in which Senator Clinton’s brother Tony is battling an order to repay more than $100,000 he received from a couple pardoned by President Clinton. Tony Rodham, who acknowledged approaching the president about a pardon for the couple, is the second of Hillary Clinton’s brothers to receive money from people who were eventually pardoned by President Clinton. Hugh Rodham received $400,000 from two people, one of whom was pardoned and one whose sentence was commuted. But while Hillary Clinton immediately expressed chagrin over the news in 2001 that Hugh received the money — and asked him to return it — she said Tony was ‘not paid,’ according to a congressional report. The Clinton campaign yesterday declined to comment on the case involving Tony Rodham.?
Well, ?Yesterday, US Bankruptcy Court Judge Marian Harrison of Nashville ordered Tony Rodham to respond by March 16 to the allegation that he failed to repay a loan of $107,000 from the couple pardoned by Clinton, according to attorneys involved in the case. President Clinton’s pardons have been a political issue for Hillary Clinton because of her ties to a number of the cases.? So Hillary’s brother pocketed the grease money and never returned it. Hillary said that he wasn’t paid. Another oversight. I’m sure that she just forgot this, her mind is Jell-O, Jell-O, Jell-O. And as the story says, ?She was tied to a number of the cases.? Well, hell, yes. She was co-president.
Now, ?The Tony Rodham lawsuit revolves around his work for a carnival company, United Shows of America, which was owned by Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory. The couple, who had been convicted of bank fraud, hired Tony Rodham as a business consultant and paid him $244,769 in salary over 2 1/2 years, according to a congressional report. President Clinton pardoned the couple in March 2000. The Republican-controlled House Government Reform Committee issued a 2002 report that said Rodham had helped the couple obtain the pardon. Edgar Gregory has since died, and his company is now bankrupt. The lawsuit against Tony Rodham, brought by the bankruptcy trustee, revolves around whether the Gregorys loaned Rodham $107,000, or whether that money was part of his salary. The trustee for the bankrupt estate says it was a loan that was never repaid and that, with interest, it would now be $153,000. When Tony Rodham’s involvement with the Gregorys first became public in early 2001, Hillary Clinton said that her brother had known the couple ‘for some time . . . he has a personal relationship with them. He was not paid.’?
These things just keep popping up. Of course it’s interesting this shows up in the Boston Globe, but they just never reverberate out there. If this were a Republican, some brother or sister of George W. Bush, whoooo, or Bush 41, this sort of thing had happened.

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