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RUSH: Rebecca in Ontario, Canada, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.
CALLER: Hi. Rush, I’m a university student at a Christian university, and I got a project on global warming, and I need sources because I don’t believe global warming at all. And somehow my professor does.
RUSH: Your professor has sources?
CALLER: No, he has sources that say global warming is happening, but —
RUSH: Well, of course he does. I’m going to give you some names.
RUSH: Google these names. First name is Fred Singer.
CALLER: Fred Singer.
RUSH: Brilliant, brilliant scientist, has a book out that debunks all of it.
RUSH: Another name, Pat Michaels, another brilliant man, University of Virginia.
RUSH: William Gray, leading hurricane forecaster, University of Colorado who claims global warming, if it exists has nothing to do with hurricane intensity.
RUSH: Max Mayfield, retired head guru at the National Weather Service, and little trouble here because he had caught a big grouper out there and brought it into the boat to take pictures, but nevertheless, Max Mayfield is also attempting to debunk the notion that global warming has anything to do with the intensity of hurricanes. I spoke to a scientist today at the University of Alabama at Huntsville named Roy Spencer. Google Roy Spencer and that will get you started. I would also suggest that you go to Michael Crichton. Go to Michael Crichton’s website and read some of his speeches.

RUSH: And if, after all of that, you really have courage —
CALLER: Hm-hm.
RUSH: By the way, have you been to my website?
CALLER: I have. But I can’t get in because I don’t have the Rush 24/7.
RUSH: You don’t have the what?
CALLER: I don’t have the Rush —
RUSH: I’m going to give you Rush 24/7! You’re now a complimentary member. We’re going to make you a complimentary member for a year, so don’t hang up after the call.
CALLER: Okay, thank you.
RUSH: Go to the website today. I did a monologue on global warming, not from a scientific standpoint, just from a human being and Christian standpoint.
RUSH: Go there, and then after you’ve done all of this, if you really have courage, include me in the list of accredited sources.
CALLER: Okay, I will do that —
RUSH: No, don’t do that. Do it and your professor will have a conniption.
CALLER: No, I’ve already talked to him about you. He’s fine.
RUSH: Oh, good. Okay, well, look, you start with that list of names and you’ll find others in the process, and you’ll be enthused, you’ll be invigorated.
CALLER: Okay, thank you so much.
RUSH: Thank you Rebecca. Don’t hang up.
CALLER: I won’t.
RUSH: Don’t hang up because you’re going to get a complimentary Rush for Peace mug in honor of my Nobel Peace Prize nomination as well as a couple T-shirts commemorating the same thing.

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