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RUSH: Let’s go to the phones. We’re going to start in Philadelphia with Al. Next up, you are. Welcome to the program, sir.
CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m glad to talk to you again. Rush, the man from your home state of Missouri, John Ashcroft? Do we have any conservatives more Reaganesque than him?
RUSH: You know, it’s interesting you bring this up. James Gilmore, former governor of Virginia — I think he went to CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference. He?s going to go out and say, “McCain is not conservative. Romney is not conservative. Giuliani is not conservative.” Gilmore is going to say that he is Reaganesque conservative — and as to Ashcroft, he’s pretty down the line conservative, but he’s not going to run for president.
CALLER: He did put himself in that position about eight years ago. He was considering it.
RUSH: Yeah, but I haven’t seen any indication that he’s running for elective office.
CALLER: Not since he lost the Senate race to the governor’s wife. But he has all the requisites. He was twice-time elected governor and attorney general of Missouri, and of course he was the national attorney general ?
RUSH: Well I understand all that, but you can?t go out and chase pipedreams. It would be great if we could somehow clone Reagan, but we gotta deal with what?s out there.

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