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RUSH: This is Laura in Grand Island, Nebraska. I’m glad you waited. Open Line Friday. The program’s all yours, so make it count.
CALLER: Okay, Rush. I have been a Democrat since I was 21 years old. I’ve listened to you and sometimes if I could get through the wire I’d absolutely strangle you because I don’t agree with everything, but I just moved, and I had to re-register, you know, and by listening to you and all, I registered as a Republican.
RUSH: Yes!
CALLER: Now, my problem is this. When Nancy Pelosi took over, you know, as speaker of the House, I knew we were going to have problems, because any grandmother that cannot control her grandchildren, like the kid was, you know, playing with the microphone and the little hammer and the papers, and she kept pulling him up. I knew we were in trouble, she couldn’t control the —
RUSH: It never ceases to amaze me to learn how people make political judgments on the competence of elected officials. You knew that she was going to bomb because she couldn’t control the grandkids in the House chamber?
CALLER: That’s right. That was absolutely embarrassing. I felt embarrassed for her.
RUSH: The Drive-By Media was talking about how wonderful this was that she would balance and bop the little grandkids on her knee while protecting the country at the same time.
RUSH: Right. She couldn’t even protect the microphone or her papers. But I gotta tell you something else, you owe me an apology. While I was sitting here waiting to talk to you, you had to play that tape of Jim Carver [sic–Carville], and I can’t stand to watch him let alone listen to him. (Laughing.) I shouldn’t have said that, but that’s true.
RUSH: That’s quite all right.
CALLER: His rantings and ravings —
RUSH: We love Jim Carver here. We play a lot of his audio. He’s fun to laugh at.
CALLER: But where you and I disagreed is just because I was a Democrat doesn’t mean that I’m an illiterate liberal, you know?
RUSH: Yes, it does. Nine out of ten times it does.
RUSH: There are some southern Democrats, Reagan Democrats, there are some Democrats. But why are they Democrats?
CALLER: Yeah, well, I was from Missouri, and my grandpa was, my dad was, my mom was —
RUSH: Yeah, I know. People are Democrats because the family members were.

RUSH: You still want to crawl through the wire and strangle me?
CALLER: Whenever you said about all the Democrats being illiterate and liberal because we aren’t all that way.
RUSH: I never said that.
CALLER: Yes, you have.
RUSH: No, I’ve never said that Democrats are that.
CALLER: Well, you have implied it.
RUSH: No, I’ve not implied that they’re illiterate. I’ve implied that.
CALLER: That we don’t have good judgment.
RUSH: That’s true, but that’s not illiterate.
CALLER: Yeah, okay.
RUSH: You’re confusing me with James Carver.
CALLER: Yeah. (Laughing.) I can’t believe it. It’s the first time I tried to call you and I got through.
RUSH: Well, I’m glad you did. It’s happy to have you on the reservation.
CALLER: Well, thank you for everything. I’ll probably continue to disagree on some things.
RUSH: Like what?
CALLER: You know, I don’t know. I don’t know.
RUSH: You’re not going to disagree on much.
RUSH: You just think you should as a matter of principle because you’re a Democrat and I’m not.
CALLER: Well, you know, I’m a great-grandmother and I’m very proud and I’m a very young great-grandmother. But I think if we have a woman as a president and all, I mean just because their name is Clinton doesn’t mean she’s the wonderful person I’m sure she is, but I don’t think other heads of state and that of different countries. They kind of back off whenever they have to talk to a woman that’s more or less a man’s job, I feel.
RUSH: Well…
CALLER: I’m from the old school.
RUSH: That’s not universally true. People talk to Condoleezza Rice. But, I’ll tell you what this indicates to me out there, Laura, and that is that if Mrs. Clinton gets the nomination, the idea that women are going to vote for her in droves is wrong. You’re going to have a lot of women opposed to her for a whole host of reasons, among them jealousy.

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