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RUSH: Ryan in Vancouver, Washington. Hi.
CALLER: Yeah. I just wanted to ask you if you think the libs are going to control — if they do, I’m saying, which hope to God they don’t because I’m conservative. But to make a long story short, I’m just wondering if you think they could control our country, do you think our democracy, our government will fail in the next 25 years, which I hope to God it doesn’t?
RUSH: Do I think democracy will fail, meaning will we lose freedoms and so forth with the democratic form of government?
CALLER: Exactly, yes, if the libs are in control.
RUSH: No. They won’t be in control for 25 years.
CALLER: Okay, that’s good.
RUSH: Now, look, it’s always under threat. I don’t mean to treat this in a haphazard way. Assaults on freedom and democracy are constantly happening, and they are mounted by liberals.
CALLER: Oh, yes, exactly.
RUSH: Global warming is a great example of this. But, no, the things are cyclical. They’re going to lose elections. They’re setting themselves up now for a huge landslide defeat —
CALLER: Exactly.
RUSH: — in ’08 or ’12 at the national level. Look, we conservatives are very cheerful. We’re optimistic people. We recognize the threats that we face every day, particularly posed by domestic enemies. You know, we’re fighting two wars here. We’re fighting a war against terror, and we’re fighting the war against the left in this country, which is hell-bent on getting rid of as much freedom and liberty as possible in exchange for a larger government with more regulation. They think that’s fair. They think that would end up with “a more equitable distribution of assets” and so forth and so on. It’s constantly under threat. But I guarantee, every generation has thought we’re going to hell in a handbasket during their time, that we’ve always been in the last days, defined as the end of America, or they’ve always thought things have never been worse.
But more and more people are beginning to ask questions like you. More and more people are conservative, and are going to hold on. But, you know, you have illegal immigration. There are a lot of issues that threaten this, and you play a role here in stopping the tide. It seems like a natural perquisite of government and large bureaucracies to grow and grow and grow and to do so they deny people freedom, property rights and this sort of thing. They’re working on the young skulls full of mush in school on that basis, too. But have faith. As long as you’re vigilant and millions and millions of others are, breaking points are always reached where they’re not going to put up with anymore and the libs are dispatched for a while.

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