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?The libs are poking the hibernating bear and they’re going to wake the bear.?
?The more the Democrats gloat and the more they politicize this and the more they lie about what this case and this trial was about, the angrier they’re going to make Republicans and conservatives in this country.?
?In a court of law it remains stunning to me how there can be two such widely divergent versions of the truth. Anybody who has spent any time on this at all knows that Joe Wilson was lying through his teeth when he came back and wrote that op-ed. Even the Senate intelligence committee looking into all this confirmed that Wilson lied.?
?The source authority for Patrick Fitzgerald was Joe Wilson. Joe Wilson was never put under oath. Joe Wilson was never brought in to testify about any of this. It just seems from right off the top that his version of events was accepted without question.?
?Officials in the state of Washington are trying to decide whether or not to ban booing at high school games. Is it a good move or does it represent a further softening and weakening of the fiber of strength of this country??
?The new media is having a profound effect in moving agendas forward. You can’t deny that with the Republican victory in the House for the first time in 40 years in 1994, Bush’s two wins in 2000 and 2004. I’m not trying to give you a phony pep talk.?
?How often do you get frustrated when you read that Republicans are caving or they’re moderating their behavior to get along with the left? They’re saying things so liberals will like them and don’t criticize them. Conservatism’s strength is with the people.?
?If your prime objective is to make somebody like you, you’ve lost, especially if they don’t.?
?Tell me I just didn’t hear a juror say that they expected the president of the United States to show up as a witness in a court trial. Tell me I didn’t hear that. I did hear it. Yes, you heard it. We all heard it. I’m sad, folks. This is very sad.?
?Liberals believe government is the beginning and end of life, and they think government determines policy all over and they want to dominate that.?

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