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RUSH: All right. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, has issued a statement here, and it pretty much echoes Dingy Harry’s. It has inspired in me a reaction and a comment. Dingy Harry said, “I welcome the jury’s verdict. It’s about time someone in the Bush administration has been held accountable for the campaign to manipulate intelligence and discredit war critics. Lewis Libby has been contradicted of perjury but his trial revealed deeper truths about Vice President Cheney’s role in this sordid affair. Now President Bush must pledge not to pardon Libby for his criminal conduct.? When I first saw that my blood boiled, and I’m not just using that to turn a phrase. This is just over the top. The trial was not about manipulating intelligence. It was not about discrediting war critics. The idea that any administration is supposed to sit around and let people lie about it? Poor old Joe Wilson! Poor old left-winger, Berkeley, sixties-retread Joe Wilson is not supposed to be criticized. He’s above it because he was criticizing the war. He?s just one guy and the Bush administration is mounting an effort against him. Why, that’s a crime!
So Dingy Harry is applauding the fact that in his mind this trial — which was about perjury and obstruction of justice, not about the war in Iraq, it was not about anything the libs think it was about. Dingy Harry is now happy to convey the impression that the war in Iraq has been totally discredited with this verdict. Here’s Nancy Pelosi: “Today’s guilty verdicts are not solely about the acts of one individual. This trial provided a troubling picture of the inner workings of the Bush administration. The testimony unmistakably revealed at the highest levels of the Bush administration, a callous disregard in handling sensitive national security information and a disposition to smear critics of the war in Iraq.” A callous disregard in handling sensitive national security information? Valerie Plame was national security information? And who was it that leaked her identity, Ms. Pelosi? It was Richard Armitage! And, by the way, as somebody who just called and said, ?How can this happen, Rush? Bush runs these agencies.? Richard Armitage is a buddy of Colin Powell, and they were out to get Bush. They have not been big fans of Bush. They’re not even pursued in this. Armitage was not even pursued in any of this. So there’s another example.
Lawrence Wilkerson, who is one of Colin Powell’s aides, has been out trashing the Bush administration ever since this Wilson thing started. I happen to think that Valerie Wilson and Joe Wilson are anti-war, anti-Bush, and set out with somebody to set all of this up and they got their dream realized today. I think they were trying to undermine the whole war in Iraq and the war on terror for whatever their own political reasons are. They set up this whole trip, send Wilson over there to say that there was no evidence. The Senate intelligence committee said that his report actually confirmed that there was an attempt by the Iraqis, and they also confirmed that he had lied in his op-ed in the New York Times. Now here we go again, this “disposition to smear critics of the war.” How do you smear a liar? Somebody explain to me how in the world do you smear a liar: Joe Wilson? How do you smear a liar? Now, I don’t think, because of their arrogance, the libs have any idea how this decision angers conservatives and Republicans in this country.
They are poking the bear, the bear of conservatism and Republicans who went dormant last fall for whatever reason and thought the Republicans needed “to be taught a lesson.” But you have William Jefferson now who ought to be under indictment. He’s on the homeland security committee! You have Sandy Burglar with a slap on the wrist who is going to get his security clearance back just in time to join the Clinton administration in 2009. People out there are upset that the libs are poking the bear. The bear is awakening after hibernating for way too long. This has the chance to do more for the Republican Party than anything else in the short run. The more the Democrats gloat and the more they politicize this and the more they lie about what this case and this trial was about, the angrier they’re going to make Republicans and conservatives in this country.
Politics is one thing. Sending somebody to prison is another, particularly when the jury says, “We had sympathy for this guy. Where are these other guys?” Everybody is going to figure out what this trial was about, and there will be sympathy for Scooter Libby. Charles Schumer pushed for this special prosecutor. Now the liberals are doing the equivalent of dancing in the streets over the conviction of a Republican. Now they’re trying to draw the vice president and president into this, too. So why don’t you conservatives out there…? I don’t care what your conservatism is: economic, foreign policy, or social. We have all these different conservatives, I am told. This is the kind of thing that causes all conservatives to circle the wagons, when the left behaves like this with their willing accomplices in the media.

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