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RUSH: Lawrence in St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir.
CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Rush, you left one adjective out: disgraceful. The whole thing was much ado about nothing, and I guess that’s behind us now. But when is it time to fight back?
RUSH: I had this question yesterday. Somebody said, ?What can we do?? Specifically about this, it’s very difficult. The judiciary is an institution that you don’t elect. You don’t elect federal prosecutors. You really don’t elect the attorney general. You certainly don’t elect the US attorneys. You elect the people and the guy that appoints them.
CALLER: But that’s specific to this issue. Bush has been hammered to and fro. He’s turned every cheek that he has, and he’s still getting hammered. He’s on complete defense since he’s been in there, taking the high road, doing the right thing. It’s obvious that he’s not going to do anything in a year and a half that he has left, but I have a solution. I have an idea. The presidential candidates get out there. They’ve now got a small bully pulpit. They get out there and speak and tell the truth and don’t put up with any of this baloney and go on offense.
RUSH: Well, yeah, obviously. We’ve been looking for one of those guys for how many years?
CALLER: Well, how many opportunities are there going to be for somebody to step up to the plate?
RUSH: Well, there’s going to be opportunity for it. The question is how many of the right kind of people, the people you’re talking about, are going to care enough to want to get involved? You mentioned the presidential candidates. I would love to know what Giuliani thinks of this prosecution because he was a Patrick Fitzgerald-type prosecutor, folks. Rudy Giuliani was ruthless when he ran the Southern District of New York US Attorney’s Office. He paraded Wall Street guys down to the courthouse in handcuffs, and mobsters, too. He was a Fitzgerald kind of guy. I’d like somebody to ask him, ?What do you think of this verdict? What do you think of this prosecution??
One thing: these people are a fraternity. I’ll tell you this. I was stunned yesterday. I received an e-mail in my subscriber e-mail list from a guy who started, ?I guess you can tell, Rush, by my e-mail address, I’m a federal prosecutor.? I wasn’t able to detect from his e-mail address that he was a prosecutor. I don’t know what in the address would give that away, but he said, essentially… I don’t have it and haven’t printed it out but I can very easily paraphrase it because I was blown away by it. He said, ?Look, I’m a federal prosecutor, and this whole thing is a travesty. This whole thing is a joke. You are so right when you say that you have to fight back against the libs and the left.?
He then offered this — and, of course, everybody has their theories. He said, ?I want to tell you when this case was lost. This case was lost in the opening statements. When Libby’s defense team attempted to set up the notion that Libby was a fall guy for other people in the White House, all he did, Rush, was confirm there was a conspiracy in the White House. It’s all he did. When that defense lawyer stood up there and said — and everybody knew why he did it. He did it because you got a DC jury, a bunch of Bush-haters, so they were trying to separate Libby from that crowd and get sympathy and make the jury think that Libby was being targeted by the evil geniuses inside the White House. But in so doing, Rush, they allowed Fitzgerald to continue to make the point that there was this ongoing conspiracy in the White House to discredit and destroy, and that Libby had been thrown overboard. They mentioned it again in the closing, but never in the trial, never as part of the defense. So once that happened, it was easy for the jury to believe what Fitzgerald was saying.”
He said, “Please keep my name quiet and private,? and I, of course, will. What reminded me of this, though, is these federal prosecutors are a fraternity. Many of you are just livid over the alleged injustice done to the two Border Patrol agents. Well, I know some federal prosecutors. I’ve talked to them about it. Guess what? Every one of them is defending that federal prosecutor who put those guys in jail. They are a fraternity. They’re a big, big fraternity. I haven’t found a federal prosecutor yet dumping on the guy that sent the border agents to jail. I did get an e-mail from this guy saying that this case was bogus and this whole thing was just wrong. So that’s why I would like somebody to ask Rudy, “What do you think of this?”
It would be an interesting answer.

RUSH: Charlie in Lansing, Michigan. Welcome, Charlie, to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hey, Rush. It’s good to talk to you.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: Hey, I think the Democrats, the Drive-By Media and Wilson are intentionally tainting the public opinion of the possibility of the pardon of Libby. I think they’re trying to sway the public opinion against the pardon early. I mean, it just happened, the conviction just happened, and they’re out there already, you know, trying to spin this as, “We can’t pardon him.” On National Public Radio, Wilson came out and said that Bush had a direct conflict of interest in the case. So they’re already trying to criminalize Bush and Cheney the day after.
RUSH: They’ve been doing this since Florida 2000.
CALLER: Right. You know, it just amazes me the pardon hasn’t even come up yet on the agenda for Bush and we have to go through the whole appeal process and everything, and look at all the people that Clinton pardoned! You can’t tell me that he didn’t have a “conflict of interest” in some of these.
RUSH: Well, yeah. My buddy Bob Tyrrell has a new book out called ?The Clinton Crackup,? and in the book he has a source who tells him that Clinton had an affair with Marc Rich’s estranged wife or ex-wife Denise. She gave a bunch of money to the Clinton campaign and the Democrats, and the husband ended up getting pardoned and so forth. The Clinton camp is up there saying, ?This is a typical Tyrrell bunch of BS. It’s not true,? but he has a source that’s confirmed it, who overheard some conversation about it. The Daily News wrote about it today. You?re absolutely right, and that’s a great observation. They’re doing everything they can now to mount public pressure against Bush on this pardon of Libby. By the way, what does that tell you, ladies and gentlemen?
Stop and think. What does it matter? They got their conviction and they’re able to take this conviction and amplify it into things that they want it to represent that are not true because they’re living a lie. What does it matter to them whether Libby gets pardoned? Well, it’s obviously because they’re trying to make sure it doesn’t happen. It?s just like the Democrats to issue these demands constantly. This is really nothing uncommon for them. They issue these kinds of demands on the president and Republicans at all times. I don’t know that public opinion is going to matter when it comes time to consider a pardon for Libby.

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