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RUSH: Tony in Cayucos, California. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Good morning, Rush.
CALLER: Congratulations on your Nobel nomination.
RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. It’s going to be tight. I don’t expect to win. I’m just happy to be nominated.
CALLER: Well, it gives me a great deal of pleasure that you got nominated.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: The point I wanted to make was that when the media pointedly ignores something, it gets my attention — and one of the things is that there’s a link between the Wilson-Plame charade and the Clintons’ dirty tricks operation. Do you remember James Carville and Paul Begala and Mandy Grunwald? They ran the Clintons’ war room?
RUSH: Yes, of course.
CALLER: Well, reporter Matt Cooper, who’s a principal player in the Scooter Libby persecution, is married to Mandy Grunwald.
RUSH: I know. The whole Democrat Party is incestuous this way.
CALLER: It stuns me that the media doesn’t address this issue.
RUSH: My gosh, you would be stunned to know who media members are married to! They don’t talk about that with any of them. You remember the CBS info babe Rita Braver?

RUSH: I don’t know where she is now, but she’s married to a guy named Rob Barnett, who was a Clinton counsel. He did all the Clinton books and so forth. He’s an agent and so forth. I can’t think of any more off the top of my head. Dana Priest of the Washington Post is married to some true left-wing socialist activist that runs a couple of so-called think tanks. You’d be amazed. The fact that Matt Cooper is married to Mandy Grunwald is not unique. I know what your thinking is that there’s a Clinton war room tie to all of this.
RUSH: And I can understand you thinking it.
CALLER: I’d like to see their phone records for the time period before and after Joe Wilson went to Niger.
RUSH: Well, (Laughing.) I would, too! Yes, let’s delve into the realm of possibilities. For crying out loud, Chris Matthews — Democrat in the media — was a legislative assistant to a big guy, chief of staff to Tip O’Neill. Russert worked for Moynihan. It’s a revolving door. Stephanopoulos is running ABC News, the Sunday show and so forth. He’s from the Clinton administration. It’s not just marriages. The juror, the lead juror here in the Libby trial, this Denis Collins, used to write at the Washington Post! He was a neighbor of Tim Russert. He wrote for Bob Woodward. He’s on the jury. The media is not just liberals. They are Democrat activists. Most of them are registered Democrats anyway.

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