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RUSH: I want to move on to something that’s just as disgusting as the Libby travesty, and that’s Mr. John Edwards. During his first failed bid for the presidency, John Edwards, the Breck Girl, was touted as a brilliant trial lawyer — in part because he channeled the words of a dead child during his summation on a big case, and got a huge award. Well, here at the beginning of another presidential election cycle, retread candidate Edwards has set his sights higher. He has appointed himself spokesman for Jesus. Edwards said that Jesus would be upset with America’s willingness to go to war ?when it isn’t necessary.? He further said, ?I think that Jesus would be disappointed in our ignoring the plight of those around us who are suffering and our focus on our own selfish short-term needs. I think he would be appalled, actually.?
Mr. Edwards, would he be appalled at your 82,000-square-foot mansion that nobody can get to because it’s gated? Would he be appalled at your 2,800-square-foot beach house near Wilmington, North Carolina? That’s close to 85,000-square-feet of living space for you and your family, and you dare sit there and accuse everybody else of misplacing their priorities and saying they’re not doing enough to help the unfortunate? Jesus might be appalled that you have the guts to speak out and point fingers anywhere but yourself, sir. Senator Edwards, let me tell you something. This is why your campaign is going to fail big time. Americans are the most giving people in history, not just during times of calamity like tidal waves and hurricanes and tornadoes. Americans give daily to cure people we never met, here and across the world. We feed, we educate, children in cultures who are taught to hate our guts, Mr. Edwards! Every day Americans offer countless acts of kindness to strangers, because that is our nature. Not to mention the gifts granted to others from all of the taxes we pay.
Yet you, former Senator John Edwards — patron saint of stiff hair, hair spray, and empty heads — you use Jesus to mischaracterize Americans as selfish warmongers, with no right to defend our country when attacked? Senator, would you dare ever attack our enemies? Would you ever say one negative word about our enemies? Just one time, would you ever try to characterize our enemies as they are? What is it about you, senator, that when you look at this country you see nothing but failure and selfishness? Could it be because you’re looking at this country in the mirror, sir, and you see yourself? If anything is appalling, Senator Edwards, it is you and your shameful view of your fellow citizens and your transparent and sophomoric attempt to use Jesus and to suggest that Jesus would be appalled at this nation as a whole. You, sir, need to get out there. You think there are two Americas? There might be, and you are in the one part of America — and I don’t see any sacrifice from you, sir. You think your words and your compassion expressed verbally, count for something? You think it makes the poor and the downtrodden better off? Words are not deeds, nor are they actions. In your case, sir, in addition to what they aren’t, they are also empty.
RUSH: I have one more thing here for the esteemed former senator from North Carolina. Hey, senator, you want to talk about Jesus being appalled? You ever heard of abortion, senator? You ever heard of euthanasia? Have you ever of a culture, led by your side, which decides who lives and dies based on the convenience to the living, sir? You want to talk about Jesus being appalled? Don’t make up a bunch of BS about Jesus being disappointed about the way Americans treat the underprivileged. The entire world has a better living standard than it would otherwise, have because of the existence of the people of the United States of America.

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