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RUSH: I want to deal with this one, too.
?Dear Rush: What’s the deal with Libby being Marc Rich’s attorney for his pardon? Fitzgerald investigated the pardon. I’m confused. What else do we not know about Fitzgerald??
Look, folks, I’m getting a lot of these.
?Rush, you idiot! You’re missing the point. This is personal. Fitzgerald wanted to get Libby because Libby was Marc Rich’s lawyer for the pardon, and Fitzgerald was angry when Clinton pardoned Rich.?
I know everybody is looking for some secret, hidden meaning. Let me tell you: if you don’t understand what this is about, this is about criminalizing conservatism. This is about criminalizing Republicans. This is about destroying the Bush administration. This is not about getting Scooter Libby because he was a lawyer for Marc Rich. If Fitzgerald’s angry about that, then the guy to go after is Bill Clinton, because Bill Clinton pardoned him. Clinton was going to pardon him regardless who the lawyer was. There may be something personal there, but believe me, if you listened to Fitzgerald, he wanted Cheney. This is as close as he could get.
Don’t be too smart by half out there, folks. Understand what this is.
This is a coordinated effort to destroy the Bush administration and to destroy the war in Iraq: to discredit it, and further discredit the whole war on terror. This is the Democrats owning defeat. There may be other personal things with Fitzgerald. He’s a prosecutor. He’s gotta get a conviction because he had all this power. He was granted power that no previous independent counsel had ever been given. To investigate all these years and come up with nothing doesn’t look good. There are a number of ancillaries here that fit, but don’t mistake what this is. The Drive-Bys participated in the bait-and-switch of that this whole trial was about. Fitzgerald played ’em like a violin. He couldn’t have got what he got in that trial yesterday with the verdict if it weren’t for the Drive-By Media — make no mistake — and he knew it.

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