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RUSH: Folks, the Democrat Party in both the House and the Senate is becoming a full-fledged joke everywhere. From John Edwards refusing to appear on Fox because MoveOn.org doesn’t want him to, to resolution after resolution after resolution, what’s happening in the House is an absolute joke. It is hilarious. Nancy Pelosi’s lost control of the Democrat caucus. There are so many different cauci in the Democrats. You have the Out of Iraq Now Caucus. You have the Stop the War Caucus. You have the Hispanic Caucus and Congressional Black Caucus. You have the Labor Caucus. You have the Blue Dog conservative Democrats, 54 of them — and they’re starting to flex their muscles. But I want to start in the Senate because this was the subject of today’s morning update. It was hard for me to keep a straight face during this, and if you missed the update, you have to hear this.

The Senate Democrats are flexing their muscles, folks. They’re getting tough. They’ve figured out they need to show some backbone. They’re out there. They’re breaking onions, and they’re out there to prove that they have onions. They’ve come up with this ‘elite strike force,’ the Democrat Elite Strike Force. It’s three members. ‘Senators John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Christopher Dodd have authored a resolution,’ now, get this, ‘vowing to punish Pakistan.’ Now, Pakistan is a staunch ally of ours in the war on terror, and the Democrats, this ‘strike force,’ wants to punish Pakistan if Pakistan doesn’t get tougher on terrorism. How many of you have a straight face here? Well, it gets even better. The Democrats are threatening to withhold delivery of 18 brand-new fighter planes promised to Pakistan. They have promised to threaten to block the sale of 18 more fighter planes, and further, they have promised to back out of an agreement to refurbish 30 other aircraft already in use by Pakistan’s Air Force, if Pakistan doesn’t get tough on terrorism — as though the Democrats know anything about getting tough on terrorism!

Now, the leader of this ‘elite strike force’ is John Kerry, who served in Vietnam. He said, “We must never forget the importance…“ (Laughing) This is where I lost it during the update. “We must never forget the importance of going after the terrorists before they strike.” (Laughing.) Now, do you know what that’s called? That’s called preemption! It’s the preemption strategery, and the Democrats are trying to destroy George W. Bush because he used that same philosophy in Iraq. Iraq was a preemptive strike based on all the intelligence that the world’s intelligence services provided, in addition to the CIA. So it’s like a shazam here. Democrat John Kerry: ‘We must never forget the importance of going after the terrorists before they strike.’ The problem with this is they’ve already struck. I’m not laughing about that. Senator Kerry, on 9/11/2001, think back. Where were you? What happened on that date? The terrorists have already struck! So it looks like Kerry’s back in command of a swift boat here.

The war on terror has been going on for years, and the elite strike force leader of the Senate Democrats says, ‘We must never forget the importance of going after the terrorists before they strike.’ Now, despite all this, it’s still momentous, folks, because here in a nutshell is the Democrat Party strategery to win the war on terror. Abandon the battlefield where terrorists are fighting us in Iraq. Get out of there. Pull out as fast as we can. Instead, redeploy to attack our allies, like Pakistan — then, threaten to make Pakistan weaker by not allowing jets to be delivered to them which they have bought, at the same time demand that they step up their efforts to fight terrorists! So Pakistan is being told by the Democrats, “Step up your effort to fight terrorists. We gotta stop the terrorists before they attack. By the way, we’re going to pull those jets that we promised you. We’re not going to repair the other 30 jets you’ve got.”

Now, the irony here is that while they are threatening to make Pakistan weaker while demanding that Pakistan step up their efforts to fight terrorists, what are the Democrats advocating? The same terrorists in Iraq who they want Pakistan to fight, we’re fleeing! We’re cutting-and-running. The Democrats are actually seeking defeat. They own it. They want to pull our troops out of Iraq while telling Pakistan what to do? This is the stuff of legend here, folks. This kind of strategy is going to be taught in every war college around the world, including at Al-Qaeda war colleges. This is beyond just stupidity. This is chutzpah. These guys are making all these statements for the record and so forth and they don’t know that there are people out there like me who are going to pick up on this, analyze it, and break it down for you. But it’s just classic.

Now, there’s a follow-up on this today: “A group of Pakistani lawmakers threatened Friday to halt counterterrorism cooperation with the United States if American military aid is made conditional on their country’s commitment to fighting the Taliban and al-Qaida. Pakistani and U.S. leaders are concerned that the link, contained in a bill that has cleared the U.S. House of Representatives, could sour relations between Washington and a key ally against international terrorism. … Senate Democrats on Wednesday proposed a milder text after strong opposition from President Bush. … Pakistan is worried that the spat could scupper the delivery of 18 new F-16s, an option to buy 18 more, and the refurbishing of 34 used aircraft already in the Pakistan air force’s arsenal.”

So leave it up to the Democrats. Once again, they can’t do enough for our enemies. They want to set dates. Even a CNN reporter yesterday had to admit that this is folly. That this plays right into the hands of the enemy. A CNN reporter asked, this guy, Michael Ware, who has been showing videos of Al-Qaeda in Iraq snipers taking shots at American troops and killing them. Everybody understands the folly of all this. The Democrats want to pull out of Iraq. They want to get us out of the circumstances with the enemy, at the same time telling Pakistan they better pick up the pace and stop terrorism where it starts.

Now, I don’t know about you. You want to put Pakistan at the lead of the fight protecting the United States? Because that’s what the Democrat strategy does. Pull us out of Iraq, but then make sure Pakistan fights Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, or they don’t get any weapons to fight them. No airplanes — to which, by the way, we’ve already committed. The Washington Times has just a hilarious story today. ‘Party baffled by its own war plan.’ Even the journalists, even the Drive-By Media is laughing at the Democrats on this.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there was breaking news yesterday in the Drive-By Media. Excitement that was barely be able to contained, with fanfare, with glee, with dramatic music. There was breaking news. Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. Democrats have a new plan for defeat in Iraq. Here’s a montage.

COURIC: Tonight, the battle over the war. Congressional Democrats will try to force the president to pull combat troops out of Iraq.

WILLIAMS: The Democrats try a new tack to bring the troops home.

VARGAS: War plan. Democrats draw new battle lines with President Bush, setting a deadline for withdrawing the troops.

MALVEAUX: Do Democrats finally have their act together on their plan?

O’DONNELL: Brand-new Democratic plan!

REID: Democrats finally have a plan!

RUSH: No, they don’t. They don’t have a plan. They have like 17 or 18 plans. They don’t have one plan that anybody is going to get behind. It’s an absolute joke, except for the subject matter. Washington Times today, Christina Bellantoni: “For all the fanfare surrounding the announcement of the House Democrats’ Iraq war plan, few members seem to understand the specifics in the bill or when it would actually bring troops home. The confusion added a layer of comic relief to a tense debate between factions of the Democratic Party as groups held dueling press conferences yesterday. Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, of the Out of Iraq Caucus could hardly keep the details straight as she attempted to excoriate the plan proposed by her Democratic leaders.”

We have audio coming up of this. ”What they say is, if in fact there is no progress that we will pull out, if they can’t certify by October, by December, but if there is progress, if they are doing well, we will stay,’ she said. ‘This would eventually get us out perhaps by March. The latest we would get out I guess with another progress report, or certification, by August of 1980.’ Come again? ‘Wait — August ’08,’ Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Illinois Democrat, quickly corrected her colleague. ‘Oh, August ’08,’ Mrs. Waters corrected herself. ‘That’s how confusing it is.’ The back-and-forth caused reporters to stifle laughs but also illustrated how few members had a part in crafting the bill and highlighted how it was a working document up to the moment Democratic leaders held their press conference explaining it — 25 minutes later than planned.

‘After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi carefully detailed the Democrats’ suggested benchmarks and requirements for President Bush to ensure that U.S. troops are fully ready before being sent to Iraq, reporters peppered her with questions to try and get the point. ‘I’m confused,’ one reporter told the speaker. ‘OK, well, let’s try again,’ the California Democrat responded. ‘If the president cannot demonstrate that progress has been made in reaching the benchmarks which he, President Bush, has established by July 1 of 2007, we begin — the 180-day period of redeployment begins, to be finished in 180 days.’ But, what happens between July 1 and Oct. 1? the scribe asked. ‘If the president shows that progress is being made on July 1, say he can certify that, then we …’ ‘All he has to do is say progress is being made?’ the perplexed reporter interrupted. ‘Well, he has to certify and demonstrate that it has been. If he cannot — if he does that, that takes us to October 1, where we want to see the completion of those benchmarks. If that is not achieved, the 180 days begins.”

Then people just started giggling throughout the room. So Pelosi grew very exasperated. She said, “No matter what, by March 2008, the redeployment begins.’ The White House all the while is saying, ‘Nope. We’re going to veto this baby. It’s never going to get anywhere.’ This confusion, by the way, is because they peeled off some Republicans to support this whole concept — and the Republicans that they had peeled off are backing off now because this is what happens when you try to please all these different factions and you let your left-wing, anti-war, kook base direct you and so forth. This is just an absolute joke. They go into office and say they’re going to clean everything up and, “We’re going to have the most ethical Congress and we’re going to do this and we’re going to get all this stuff done in this short amount of time,” and they’re becoming a joke even to the Drive-By Media press corps. That’s not going to last, but in this one instance they’re becoming a joke.

“Further adding to yesterday’s confusion, the total size of the spending bill was anyone’s guess. Surely it was upward of the ‘roughly $100 billion,’ most speculated, as Rep. John P. Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat, rattled off a few million here and there for veterans and as Democrats noted increased funding for Hurricane Katrina relief. The Appropriations Committee could not even supply the price tag an hour after the Democratic press conference. Other Democrats in the Out of Iraq Caucus were none too pleased with the plan, saying 2008 is not soon enough. Rep. Lynn Woolsey, California Democrat, made the same 20th-century goof as Mr. Obey. She said the Out of Iraq Caucus plan would ‘fully fund a safe, orderly withdrawal of American troops and military contractors by Dec. 31, 19…’ Oops. She caught herself, saying: ‘Not 19, 2007. I’m back in the olden days.’ Mrs. Woolsey paused again, using the gaffe to reconsider: ‘Actually, we want our troops home with their families by Christmas.”

The article is priceless. This is Christina Bellantoni in the Washington Times today. The whole spectacle, folks, is hilarious — ’til you stop to think about the gravity of the subject matter into which this bunch of unqualified idiots have inserted themselves. I wonder how many of the American people actually think that 200-plus Democrats in the House of Representatives are competent and qualified and capable to lead this country’s national security, because that’s what the Democrats are trying to portray themselves as: the leaders of national security and defense. We’ve got the Out of Iraq Caucus. We’ve got the Black Caucus. I wonder how many cauci Maxine Waters is a member of and does she even remember? These cauci meet how often? She’d probably be in meetings 24/7, which might not be a bad place for her. Just keep her away from the floor of the House.

To be a Democrat today, you have to believe that the US House knows more about fighting the war in Iraq than the commanders on the ground, and that passing silly resolution to withdraw forces will ensure our success and end the war on our terms. Meanwhile, keep in mind what the elite Democrat Senate strike force is doing. Kerry, Dodd, and who’s the other one in the strike force? Kerry, Dodd, and… It doesn’t matter, because Kerry’s speaking for them. He’s out there telling Pakistan, “You guys better start preemptive action against terrorists, because if you don’t we’re pulling these jet planes away from you.” We’ve gotta have preemptive action against the terrorists, while they support pulling troops out of Iraq! Here is Pelosi yesterday proudly declaring that her bill has, for the first time, a date certain for defeat in Iraq.

PELOSI: There are date certain here (pounds podium), for the first time in the Congress, for the redeployment of our troops out of Iraq.

RUSH: She was pounding the podium there with her little piece of paper, and then Dingy Harry spoke to the press. Here’s a portion of his announcement.

REID: Iraq must take responsibility for its own future, and our troops should begin to come home. That’s why today I’m introducing a joint resolution calling for the president to change course and bring stability to Iraq by beginning a phased redeployment of US forces from Iraq no later than 120 days from enactment of the resolution, with the goal of redeploying combat forces from Iraq by the end of March of next year.

RUSH: So once again, Senate Democrats get us out of Iraq. They make Pakistan carry the water, fighting Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan. This has much more to go. We have sound bites galore.


RUSH: All right, here’s Mitch McConnell yesterday. This is the best sound bite of the day: Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor exposing the Democrats for the clowns that they are.

MCCONNELL: There are 16 of them. There was the Biden resolution. Then there was the Levin resolution. Then there was the Reid-Pelosi resolution. The Murtha plan. The Biden-Levin resolution. The Conrad funding cut — and there was a waiver plan; a timeline plan; a Feingold resolution; an Obama resolution; a Clinton resolution; a Dodd resolution; a Kennedy resolution; a Feinstein resolution; a Byrd resolution; a Kerry resolution — and today would make number 17.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Of course, the Drive-By Media is announcing the 17th with BREAKING NEWS and big fanfare to lead the nightly newscast last night. Oh, they’re just as excited as they can be! Democrats own defeat! Democrats are going to get us out of Iraq! The White House is going to veto all this. They don’t have unity on any of this in the House or the Senate. Keep in mind that McConnell knows he’s the most powerful man in the Senate. Whatever the House does, if they’re able to craft something and cobble it together, the Senate will tear it apart. It’s just Dingy Harry doesn’t have the votes here. I don’t know if the Democrats are deluding themselves, fooling themselves, or if they really think they have a chance here. I do know I’ll never forget what Schumer said. “We’re just going to paper this administration with resolution after resolution after resolution. We are going to recreate those days back in Vietnam,” and they’re in the process of doing it.

The amazing thing is that they think that this will lead them to some kind of victory, when in fact, mark my words, they are sowing the seeds for an eventual huge rebuke on the part of the American people. A landslide defeat is somewhere down the line. General David Petraeus yesterday, held press conference in Iraq. This bite is General Petraeus reacting to the Drive-By Media constantly asking him, “Have you won yet? Have you won yet?” It’s kind of like a little kid in the back seat, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” They keep asking Petraeus, “Have you won yet? Have you won yet? Is it over?”

PETRAEUS: I have been, on occasion, bemused people saying, “How’s it going/ Have you won yet?” The answer is: we’ve just started. There is a point at which if someone is willing to blow up himself, particularly perhaps disguise himself, and use a vest rather than a vehicle, the problem becomes very, very difficult indeed.

RUSH: Petraeus, by the way, is earning gold stars from a lot of people. His reputation is ascending. He is said to be perhaps the smartest general in the Army today. He wrote the manual on dealing with counterinsurgencies such as what we face in Iraq. Now, let’s move on to Maxine Waters. I mentioned in the last half hour that we had audio sound bites. It’s always a thrill to hear from Maxine Waters because… Well, it’s just a thrill. She’s upset here. She says the Blue Dog Democrats (which are the conservative Democrats) and the conservative media tried to paint her as unintelligent. She’s on The Situation Room last night with Wolf Blitzer. The guest host was Suz-ahn Malveaux, and Suz-ahn Malveaux said, “Who were you talking about earlier this morning, those trying to paint you in a way that makes you seem unreasonable or not intelligent.”

MALVEAUX: Well, a number of people. Sometimes we get it from the more conservative press. Sometimes there are staffers that are trying to whip us in line, who will give those kind of stories to the press. Sometimes members of the Blue Dogs —

REPORTER: The Democrats.

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